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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 833Dec 04, 2022A Christmas Story
Christmas is a very old story, but it always gets my attention. This podcast is about a Christmas I'll never forget. AND it's about a couple of ideas you may want to try for Christmas this year. Give a listen please.
Episode 832Nov 27, 2022After-Play
Your 6 personal love gears are Neutral, Pre Fore Play, Fore Play, Play, After Play and Reverse. This podcast explains how and why to stay out of Reverse. YOU DON'T WANT TO SLIP INTO REVERSE! Give a listen!
Episode 831Nov 20, 2022Look Into My Eyes
Is the wolf whistle REALLY the audio equivalent of undressing a girl with your eyes? Can you really see the mountains on the rim of the moon? How far can you see into your mate's soul, by using your eyes? That's what this podcast is all about. And before you put down a wolf whistle, wait till you hear this podcast. So give a listen.
Episode 830Nov 13, 2022Listen To Your Doctor
I'll bet you remember when Bobby McFaren said "Don't Worry, Be Happy." It may have been the only positive comment you heard all day. This podcast Is a reminder that it's a good idea. And after all Bobby is an actual degree and all. So "Don't Worry Be Happy" is your doctor's orders.
Episode 829Nov 06, 2022Shocked and Dismayed
Looks like you missed the point of "Handsomeness" from last week's podcast. It simply meant using your hands more. I was trying to alert women to the fact that they can zap guys hormones by using their hands more. This podcast is about being shocked and dismayed that you didn't understand.
Episode 828Oct 30, 2022Willie Nelson is You and Me
If you've ever prided yourself on getting up again after getting knocked I have, you have something in common with Willie Nelson...and me. This will explain. Please give a listen. It may help the next time life knocks you down.
Episode 827Oct 23, 2022How To Sell An OLD Jalopy
Think of the advantages you could have by owning a truly old and beaten up jalopy. Sell it like the guy whose jeans making machine went nuts and tore up a big number of pants. Look at the advantages of owning a Jalopy...newly imported from our plant in the exotic Jalopogos Islands. Driving a true Jalopy, nobody will challenge you at a stop sign. Nobody will bother stealing it. Tailgate you...are you kidding with all that exhaust smoke? What's not to like about driving a true Jalopy? Drive a few blocks with
Episode 826Oct 16, 2022They're Machine Gumming Us
"Have a nice day", "Drive safely", "Have a nice day," "Drive safely" (Pow, pow, pow) They're machine gumming us. WE NEED SOME GUM CONTROL RULES.
Episode 825Oct 02, 2022Good Bye Summer
It's tuck away time for the "L:azy, Crazy, Hazy days of "Summer at the Beach" and the soft voices of lovers under the boardwalk,...and "Saturdays in the Park", and the over the top screams of roller coaster riders, and the sweet spot of a baseball bat smacking the winning run at the end of a long and beautiful base ball game. Gotta pack it away in some personal treasure chest till next April....and Spring brings it all back...including the loving touches of long time lovers...who's "Together Warmth" helped welcome that next new Spring.
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