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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 872Sep 24, 2023Don't Leave Your Woman...Wanton
Once upon a time, a long time ago, my Lady Wonder Wench went...'wanton" for me. It was quick. Way too quick for it to be something she did on purpose...and it changed our lives. We like to think that our minds always control our bodies. In this podcast, you'll experience the opposite of that...I'll give you a couple of quick examples of that...your body controlling your mind. It'll be fun. Give a listen please.
Episode 871Sep 17, 2023Kid In Disguise
I lied about my music selection. I really enjoyed Elvis with "Love Me Tender." I have suffered from a lack of adult supervision for a long time. But the "Suffering" has been good. Most of all, this podcast says warm cookies and cold milk ''are good for us. And so are Oreos.
Episode 870Sep 10, 2023The Battle Of The Bathroom
This podcast is about a bitter bathroom battle. Fortunately I won in the long run. This was a battle guys can't lose...especially when their girlfriends are around to see it. Give a listen please.
Episode 869Sep 03, 2023Tucking Summer Away Again
Lots of beautiful stuff this time of year....The tree leaves explode in fantastic colors. There are chill winds and blue skies everywhere. But I'm going to miss the lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer for the next 7 months...till SPRING!
Episode 868Aug 27, 2023It's Raining
It's raining again.
Episode 867Aug 13, 2023SissBoomBaa-the sound of an exploding sheep
What's that you say? Don't you remember Johnny Carson? He had it on his show...and it was one of his funniest bits ever. Give a listen to this podcast. Near the'll remind you of what Sis Boom Baa is all about.
Episode 866Aug 06, 2023Little Dickie
My Dad's name was also Dick, so for a long time I was called "Dickie." As in "Little Dick." Some of my close relatives still call me "Dickie." Which confuses my Grandchildren. I like being called "Dick" for reasons I'll explain in this podcast. Give a listen please.
Episode 865Jul 30, 2023Keeping Life Simple
I came across this podcast from a long time ago today. And I kinda like it. I hope you do too. It's about flying different kinds of airplanes, and grocery shopping, and having some laughs with my Lady. AND NO POLITICS.
Episode 864Jul 23, 2023The Klunker
Klunkers are guy cars. Driving a klunker says, "I don't care if I break down at midnight in a bad part of town. I can take care of myself." And...If a guy driving a sleek new Caddy, and a guy driving a klunker both get to a four way stop sign, guess who goes first...because he's got not much to lose. And klunkers are...inexpensive. Klunker drivers never have to worry about parking. Just double park wherever you have to. Leave the keys in the ignition if you like...nobody is going to swipe a klunker. Give a listen to this podcast and feel better about kunking around.
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