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"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 774Sep 19, 2021HELP!
Why do we do some things and don't do other things. I thought maybe you'd help. If you have some answers, my email is And I really would like to hear from you. So here we go. When you sneeze somebody will say God bless you, or gesundheit, or SOMETHING. But when you cough, nobody says a word. Why is that? And why do people put their cell phones in their hip pockets? Are they preparing to send pictures of their butts to favored groups of friends? And speaking of cell phones, why don't we encourage index finger twiddling? We're all guilty of twiddling our thumbs sometimes, and when we used our thumbs for writing with a pencil or a pen, that twiddling probably helped develop our thumb muscles, but it doesn't do any good any more, because we don't write anymore. We now type into our cell phones...using our index fingers. So why not index finger twiddle?
Episode 773Sep 12, 2021Once Upon a Time
Some stories hound us. I told you this one a long time ago. But it has been banging me in the head all week. So I guess I'll tell it to you maybe it will bang around in your head for a while.
Episode 772Sep 05, 2021A Sultry Summer Rain
If you listen to this podcast, and let your eye close, you will see, and hear, and feel a very special late Summer rain...on your skin and your lips. And you'll remember very distinctly the scent of a gentle late Summer rain falling on the lovely, newly cut grass on a big, green, lawn. Try it. Let me know how it works for you. My Email is
Episode 771Aug 29, 2021Hasty Hangups
I made the hastiest hang up of my life a few days ago. I was talking to my buddy Robert, and an emergency emerged...and I just said, "Gotta go. Goodbye." Not at all like the way I usually end a phone call with a friend. Usually it's something like, Well I really enjoyed this 3 hour conversation, but my wife is putting dinner out on the table, so I've got to go." That's a more reasonable way for a guy to get to a hangup after a long conversation. "Oh my god my husband's home" is an...effective... hasty hang up line for a woman talking on the phone to her lover. But I got to an immediate hurry up hang up recently with my buddy Robert. I just said, "I've got to go, goodbye" in a fast, out of breath burst, and I slammed the phone down.
I still use a land line for my phone calls, so I have a slammer handy for hasty hangups. I'll tell you what caused the hasty hangup in a few minutes...and it's a true story. But I've come to realize that some hang ups don't involve a telephone. Like when you're trying to be polite but you can't remember which fingers you're supposed to put in your mouth when you want to give one of those long, loud whistles at a baseball game. Or if you have an important piano recital to give and you know that practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so how do you talk yourself into practicing. Don't get hung up. Give a listen please.
Episode 770Aug 22, 2021How Long Will You Live
Are you curious about how long you have to live? The government, and this podcast will tell you. Go to the life expectancy calculater at SSA.Gov. It will tell you how long the government figures you'll live. That's the life expectancy calculater at SSA.GOV. I did that, and what they told me was kind of surprising.
I checked it for my Lady Wonder Wench too, and she has about 3 more years than I do. And that worries me a bit. Because we've been together for a very long time. Long enough for me to know lots of things about her. For example she loves privacy, real cloth napkins, the smell of fresh cut grass, willow trees that touch the ground with their branches, floor length skirts, horses, the way a laugh sounds in a tunnel, a real silk scarf in rainbow colors, hard cover science fiction books, the scent of fresh brewed coffee...and having long loving sex by candle light. I told her to please be careful of other guys in those three years the government says she'll probably have when I'm gone. She says, "There won't be any other guys." But she is a pretty lady, and I know how guys are.
Episode 769Aug 15, 2021The Smile From The Lip Locking Champ
A poet once said, "Love doesn't make the world go around, but it makes the trip worthwhile." For guys like me who grew up in Brooklyn, what that means is there's always a little more hell that could use raising. Especially when it involves interliabial osculation spit-swapping lip-locks, with a woman who's soft left shoulder has just slipped out from under a red silk night gown.
There are forces for good in the community who always say, "Far too much emphasis is placed on interliabial ocsulation spit-swapping lip locks." To them I say, "Oh Yeah?" Then how come a recent Gallup poll found that 59% of men and 66% of women reported at least once finding someone attractive only to discover after the first kiss that they were no longer interested. I imagine that lots of those women pulled their red silk night gowns right back over their soft left shoulders...causing enough static electricity to set fire to the nose hairs on the guys trying for a little more interliabial osculation spit-swapping lip locking.
Episode 768Aug 08, 2021Brain Spinning
How will the stereo sound of soft Summer creatures spin my friend's brains when I play them on the stereo on New Year's Eve? I'll let you know when it happens. Those little Summer creatures make more noise than seems logical, generated by little tiny bugs. Give a listen. Doesn't it sound like some 40 pound bugs to you? And a 40 pound but is not something I'm looking forward to meeting.
Episode 767Aug 01, 2021A Most Amazing Day
It came out of the blue. Shazam! I never expected it. When my Lady Wonder Wench heard the news she responded with a shriek heard for several zip codes, and I could understand that. This podcast is about one of the most amazing days of my life.
Episode 766Jul 25, 2021Yes No And WHOPEE
One of the many good things about being a Louie Louie Generation Person is that there are so many fascinating experiences in our rear view mirrors. This podcast is about one of mine, when I learned the difference between saying "yes", "no" and when to say, "WHOOPIE". If you've ever been to a dentist, you'll understand.
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