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"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 761Jun 20, 2021Sunshine Superman
This podcast is about Summer Lovin'...DONE RIGHT! It's about the Lazy Crazy Hazy Days Of Summer, Tar Beach, Lifeguard Days...and nights...BeachParties...4th of July Fireworks, and the absolutely most beautiful girls in the world wearing their soft Summer dresses. There's a true story about Summer girlfriend back then, when she caught me with a lady...and what she did about it. And it's about how great it is being a, "Loser."
Episode 760Jun 13, 2021Smiles
Smiles seem to be...baked into us. Babies smile almost as soon as they're born...some smart guys in white lab coats, even claim babies smile BEFORE they're born. Those same smart guys say smiling lowers your heart rate so it will keep ticking longer.
Actually I have a...contrarian...experience to that one...the first time my Lady Wonder Wench smiled at me, my heart rate went through the roof. But of course there are exceptions to every rule.
Blind people smile even if they were blind at birth, so they've never seen a smile. I swear I've seen dogs and cats smile. Different animals have different ways of saying "Hey I'm happy." Ducks and I guess most birds can't smile, because they have those solid beaks. So ducks and most birds shake their tails when they're happy. I've seen some pretty ladies do that too when they're happy. Very nice.
We're learning more and more about animals. A couple of weeks ago, I saw an article that said cows have friends. Probably farmers with warm hands. Speaking of cows, I saw a stat that is kind of hard to believe about people and cows. It said 7% of American adults believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Those people should not be left un-attended. Lots more about smiles in this podcast. Give a listen please.
Episode 759Jun 06, 2021Sunrise, Lunchtime & Sunset
This podcast is about an "Oh My God" that was said by my friend Joe Goodavage who was flying with me one day when he saw a rainbow on top of the clouds. And it's about flying my kids around the Statue of Liberty, and watching them wave to the pretty lady. And it's about a very special night flight...watching the "Touch me looks" flickering below, and watching people love each other and in some cases kill each other. And it's about our Grand Daughter Cassie, jumping up and down on Block Island to see if it would disappear. And it's about why I'll never see these things again.
Episode 758May 30, 2021Time Flies
Time Flies, so you want to be sure to be your own pilot. I started thinking about that when I dropped my alarm clock and it broke. I'll replace it, but until the new clock arrives...I still have to get up at a reasonable hour of the morning. I'm the responsible pilot. There's some story in here about a little slip there and a raging bull of a guy quickly becomes a pussy cat. And there's a plug in here about my buddy Bob's new business book called "Better Management Through Finger Pointing." Bob is a Vice President, but he's got a sense of humor anyway. And there's a question here that I think you should answer. "What would you do if you were certain you couldn't fail?" I'll bet you would come up with some interesting ideas on that one. Give a listen please.
Episode 757May 23, 2021Your Y'all Guys
Something unusual is going on in your head. There's a famous Hypnosis experiment in this podcast, and it will amaze you. The results of this experiment opens up the question of how many parts of you play important roles in your life. And...there's a story about having dinner with your Ex that might hit home. Give a listen please.
Episode 756May 16, 2021BURNOUT
When you're so uptight you're out of control, that's called BURNOUT! Burnout is stress that keeps repeating itself, over and over and over again. It probably started when you were a kid and you wanted to bang your fork against your glass, shove your peas into your pocket and sing Greensleves at the table. Know why you can't do that? "BECAUSE I SAID SO." (That's a voice from your past.) Why are there lots of drinking songs, but no eating dinner songs? Give a listen to this podcast. You'll find a way around this problem.
Episode 755May 09, 2021Everything's Clicking
I just made it. I am sitting here in my big, comfortable, manly, black leather poppa chair in my living room, and that is very fortunate... because when I was standing in the middle of the room a few minutes ago, something in my right knee was suddenly...displeased. My right knee said something that sounded distinctly like..."Click" And it became immediatly obvious that it was up to my left knee to get me over here...which it did. Maybe I'll change my name to skippy if I keep hopping around on one leg like that.
It seems like everything is clicking for me these days. My knees, my elbows even my neck. This time I heard somebody who sounded a little like me make a very old man sound as he dropped into this sitting position. (drop) What all of a sudden happened to the kid who'se lived inside me all these years?
Big Louie, the hero of my book staying happy healthy and hot... available at amazon dot com...shameless plug...Big Louie has lots of statements for dealing with this situation. He says, you're not old till you go to your favorite diner and order a three miute egg, and they insist that you pay for it up front. He also says "remember that it's when you're over the hill that you pickup speed." He claims that there are plenty of people who want to celebrate their 90th birthday. I figure most of them probably are now 89. My favorite Big Louie quote is, "If you still have any moving parts left, for cryin out loud... move em." But I also like, "life is short. So smile while you still have teeth. Please give this podcast a listen.
Episode 754May 02, 2021MyBuddy's Backwards Chrystal Balls
My pilot buddy Eric's romance has just crashed. And he says he's in a never ending depression...forgetting everything Big Louie has always said...even "You can never tell when something wonderful is going to happen." I've got to get him to turn his Christal balls around...get him to get focused on a possible...if not totally probable...future. His problem isn't pandemic related...but it could be.
Episode 753Apr 25, 2021Winning Wrinkles
Irony is not the opposite of wrinkly .Wrinkly is not something I looked forward to getting. But this podcast claims wrinkles don't hurt. What do you think? Please let me know at
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