Wonder Wench Writes

Oh yes, there are times when he absolutely gets lost out in the yard on a grand summer day. 

Even when he’s cursing the grass having grown too long and the mosquitoes for biting me (no, they NEVER bite him … and yes, I could very nearly hate him for that) and the weeds popping up in unusual places. 

But he is so right – our yard is alive with robins and bluebirds and rabbits and even the dog fox, who always stops by to say hi. 

So I’ll give him the day – as long as he takes me flying, one way or another …

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Don says:

    Lady Wonder Wench, We all get lost in our back yards at one time or another. listening to nature waking up, birds starting their symphonies and the grass becoming green again, instead of the brown that we cold see before being covered by the white of the snow.
    But now we don’t seem to mind that the weeds are attacking and the shrubs need to be trimmed. All things will get done in time.
    We all get bitten and we dislike those who are bite free, but as time goes on everything will become even. Figure your loved one might be allergic to say poison ivy and your not.
    But what you need to look forward to are the sunsets you and your loved one will be able to share and those sunrises that will etched into your memories. also the sunrises and sets in the air. Those are the best and the most treasured. I have done a few when I came home on leave from the west coast.Seeing those neighbors who greet you with a smile. So this Summer is going to be one to remember as they all are.