Wonder Wench Writes

I am still receiving all sorts of repercussions from my very innocent comment concerning sex – and even Molly and Tall Beth are feeling the Louie Louie heat.  But we stand by our words … we need sex as much as the Lads do; but we also need to be held.  You Lads are content with sex.  We are content with sex and the emotional contact (correct use of that word) that really good sex provides.

As for fear – our granddaughter lives in Watertown and she and her guy had cops and agents everywhere.  They also had us three hundred miles away and our daughter fifty miles away, worrying for all we were worth.  And the Lad is right:  go ahead, scare us all you can.  We will stand up and spit in your eye and we will never be so afraid we are frozen in place.  That’s what we do best in this country.  We carry on and take care of our people … and we win.

2 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Amen 🙂 and well said. Glad to know your Granddaughter and all are well. You know how stubborn we Bostonians are, we can take a black eye – keeps us on our toes.

  2. EJF says:

    am so glad you and yours are fine…some of my fear has been replaced with gratefulness to those who helped…and prayers for those affected by all this