Wonder Wench Writes

Oh yeah, the feel and smell of crayons is wonderful … just ask California Dennis; now HE knows Crayola … 

And there is absolutely no way to do “nothing” with a box of crayons in your hand.  But the idea of moving parts is, I do believe, hugely overblown … at least by the Louie Louie Lads of my acquaintance.  Eyebrows?  Ears?  Fingers … ?????  Hmmmmm … 

Why is it that every single Navy boy/man I knew in Boston had a ton of moving fingers and practiced long and well to get the use of them in line with their wants?  I walked home alone from several dates because of that – until, of course, I met the Lad himself.  Then, for some reason, I stopped noticing moving parts … well, sort of … 

Did the Lad remind youall that we are going to Spring Training again this year ‘cause we are gluttons for punishment?  We’ll be gone for two weeks…back the end of the month. No matter what Gary Cohen says as the Mets announcer, I really don’t believe they’re gonna win anything … sigh … moving parts?


3 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Betsy says:

    Have a great time LWW. And don’t stay in the room too much with all those moving parts as I imagine the weather down there is loverly compared to Philly. Oh I know… the moving parts are loverly too. Dick told me the only way the Mets will be going to the World Series is if they buy tickets. He’s a clever one, that Lad.

  2. Ellen Ferranti says:

    Enjoy Spring Training in Florida!

  3. have a blast you two !!!!!