Wonder Wench Writes

Now hear this, all you Louie Louie Lads and Lasses:  so he’s another year older (and probably deeper in debt—I just haven’t figured that out yet) … but as he himself says, at least he is another year older. 

Of course, he doesn’t LOOK older to me … but then I suppose I need my eyes checked again … and he doesn’t FEEL older … and for that I do NOT need either better eyes or any kind of help … 

Yep, there are wrinkles galore (for both of us, mind) and we neither of us can boogie down the garden path.  But we still follow that road when we can (which is more often than most pimple people think) and we still turn soft looks into “oh, my goodness” (and my goodness has nothing to do with it) … and I am looking forward to going to Spring Training and spending lots of time in our room ………..

3 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. dick says:

    I wonder if she’ll go for the idea that we may need some practice for spring training ?

  2. I believe I am going to be stunted in my growth, LOL – you two are awesome ! love you both

  3. Mike says:

    Gee, you really shouldn’t have to wonder about that! Evry who knows basball knows that batting practice is always required!