Wonder Wench Writes

Well, I have no problem calling my Louie Louie Lad Dickie … especially when I want something particular from him.  Which is not often … sort of … and I am far from being anything like Sister Mary Knucklebuster …

I must admit that he actually looks better than the picture they take of him at the DMV.  After all, I have seen what passes for a picture of me … whew … the doggone thing misses my bright eyes and the lovely curl in my (all right) grey hair and the non-lines in my non-aged face and all that other good stuff … so why should his be any different?

 Come on, Lad, get a grip.  You are gorgeous.  What else do you want?

2 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Ellen Ferranti says:

    Talk about pictures! I just bought a hard copy of Dick’s new book…what a handsome looking picture of him on the cover! Great fun to read and reminisce,too!
    I plan to “stay happy, healthy and hot!”

  2. Lisa says:

    Dick sure is a handsome man , but for me its always been the voice that grabs my attention and he sure has the slinkiest voice ( I also love to listen to Sean Connery 😛 )- very happy to hear him everyday on tv 🙂 Happy New Year to the two cutest people I know * hugs *