Wonder Wench Writes

There are times when being a Louie-Louie Lass is the pits.

 Hey, I’m saying hello to all those LLLasses and Lads who have been generous enough to touch fingertips with me. 

 We’ve been on vacation (!) and it was, as the saying goes, loverly.  But now we are home … and I’m not sure just how far that loverly stretches.  Tired?  Yeah, guess you could say that.  But maybe it’s a female thing.  I don’t feel worn out (yet … okay, I’ll give you LLLads that) and there are ten zillion things to get done before I can sit back and grin and say, “Been on vacation, Vigi, and it was great.”  So why does my LLLad go around with a sour face ‘cause he IS tired and things are not working out quite right yet for him?  He doesn’t HAVE to be back to work until next week.  But he is working.  He doesn’t HAVE to do anything except sit back and let that great vacation percolate its way through his system.  But he is wandering and looking for things to find wrong.   He doesn’t HAVE to figure out laundry and grocery shopping and bills to pay that came in while we were gone and phone messages to answer and how to fix his cold so it doesn’t make him feel worse … and … and …

 Damn, I know he’s tired and glad to be home and all the rest of that good stuff.   But he is neither old nor unsexy … so why does he act as if he is?  It has to be a LLLad thing. 

 WE Louie-Louie Lassies don’t have that problem.  And you can put that in your pipe and smoke it, Big Louie …

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Betsy says:

    LWW, I bet it’s the cold that’s really messin with Dick right now. He’s used to being healthy and feeling good and having lots of energy all of his life. He doesn’t take kindly to not feelin good. Of course nobody likes to feel bad, but some handle it better than others. And he’s not one of those. I don’t really even “know” him, but I’ve got that much figured out. Hang in there, he’ll soon be back to his charming ways. PS- so he’s still working,eh? 🙂