Wonder Wench Writes

Take a moment, please, to feel sorry for the Louie-Louie lass who can’t make up her mind.  Originally, I was going to write a diatribe against the state of M………. and the women who live there and allowed mismanagement, misogyny, and a million other m’s to actively destroy their rights and their control over their own bodies … but … It’s the Fourth of July and I just can’t do it.  So don’t feel sorry for me, but for those poor ladies in M……….

And instead, clap hands for Sister Cassidy and for all those who have managed to outlive the prognosis … and LIVED!  Me included.

No, Angel Angela, this does not mean you can bring your magic fingernails and slide them down my Lad’s back again (she’s the one who started this whole thing) but for old time’s sake, I will take MY longer fingernails and do a number on the Lad’s back so he’ll stop sighing …

… but does this mean I can have a Porsche?  Huh, pretty please?

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Mike says:

    I believe that the good ladies of that M state got a federal injunction against their little law move. Seems the folks in their legislature shot their mouths off on “the true purpose” of thier little scheme! SO, we can hope! They (the people( shot down their “personhood” referendum, so maybe sanity will prevail.

    By the way, if you wait until he is semi-conscious while you are working on his back, you might get that Porsche! My Sweetheart used to play that trick on me all the time! Not asking for a car, just asking for anything when she had me at her mercy. Worked everytime!