Wonder Wench Writes

There was a magnificent blue crane beside the road today, just gazing at the world with that disdain such glorious birds show.  To coin a phrase, he made my heart sing.

There is a most marvelous commercial on television with a very lovely black-haired wench (oh, I don’t KNOW she’s a wench, but she looks like one) who fixes her dress and says with a slight accent, give and ye shall receive … well, along those lines anyway … and it jiggles Dick’s whatsis ‘cause she does it so well.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know Valentine’s Day is about here?  Love is in the air … yahoo …

And just to keep Big Louie in his place, my Lad is taking me to the Farmhouse again this year for dinner.  There is no finer restaurant in the area and I, of course, love it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, group … And listen to my Lad’s Valentine Day podcast. You’ll like it. LWW

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