Wonder Wench Writes

I have a sister-in-law who lives in North Carolina and when she comes to visit she brings things … like  pecan swirl bread … which is, to coin an old New York phrase, to die for … sigh … she is such a NICE lady …

 And she is not missing any hevele.  Her “dis” if I know my brother-in-law, is just fine and dandy.  I might be a little turbed if it weren’t for the fact that when my Louie-Louie Lad gets off on a kick like this, he just goes large tances to reach his point and frequently covers that the whole thing was useless.  Tinctly.

 Ain’t this fun?

2 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Mike Walsh says:

    Yes, I find that, this kind of weirdness strikes me from time to time… no cure for it, it just goes away by itself. I was going to say it just peters out, but his name is Dick and I thought “no I better not say that…

    Darn, happened again, sorry!

  2. Betsy says:

    Ain’t dis da life? 🙂