Wonder Wench Writes

All right, “Funny Phone Fellow” … GET OFF THE PHONE !!!!!!!

 Now listen to me, Big Louie, I know he is on national television.  I know they recognize his voice in Guam and Greenland.  I know he writes stuff that makes females swoon.  I KNOW ALL THAT STUFF !!!!

 But I am sick and tired of listening to him or Al or Bruce or Doug or Bobby … going on forever … when all I want to do is leave a message for Vigi or Carine or Bernadette or Kristin.  I do not want to wait forever just to say “Call me, Vigi” … especially when I’m on the road.  I do not like to use that cell phone in the car, but sometimes it’s necessary.

 Major case in point here, guys:

 We have a 2 year old great granddaughter (yup, I said great) who is about as technically savvy as a little kid can be.  She has her grandmother on speed dial, for heaven’s sake.  Well, she and our daughter Kris called Papa Dick for Father’s Day … and of course we weren’t home.  The machine kicked in and Papa Summer did his thing.  As soon as she heard his voice, Cecelia began telling him “Happy Father’s Day” and then told him all about her two dogs, TJ and Gigi (no, none of them is mine) … and then the machine beeped … and our daughter said “You can talk to Papa Dick now, Cece” … and her reaction was immediate.  “What?  I’ve just been talking to him … “

 Do you get it, Big Louie?

2 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. aliasJean Fox says:

    I have the same problem here at home. I believe in brevity. He narrates a story. “BEEP” ====
    Makes me want to say “BLEEP”

  2. Carole says:

    It’s a guy thing. Reminds me of the old rhubarb: “What’s the difference between men and bonds? Bonds mature.” Nuff said…..