Wonder Wench Writes

Lady Wonder Wench just got back from driving to the supermarket. She tends to be outspoken about many of her driving experiences…and her driving ambitions. Here’s what she says:

All right, people, let’s get two things straight, shall we? 1- As far as I know, EVERY SINGLE CAR ON THE ROAD TODAY has what is called a headlight dimmer.  That means, when you approach another vehicle on the road (ANY road) after dark, d-i-m your @#%% lights.  Trust me, it is a whole lot safer when you do. 2- If you have a dream, a real to-die-for dream, then do something about it.  Really, truly. When I was in high school (besides wanting to date the handsomest boy in the class) I wanted to write and to own a horse.  And I have gotten both: the horse 12 different times and published twice.  So far. I won $10 from a university magazine (no, I don’t remember what I spent it on) and got to see my book, with MY NAME on the spine, in book-stores.  Talk about walking with your chest puffed out. So don’t go around bemoaning the fact that you “never got to . . . ”.  Instead, put the I-phone down and get cracking on those dreams.  It is not too late; it is never too late. I know the smart lady who said those words.  Keep them in your heart.

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One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Betsy says:

    “Put the iPhone down……..” – LOL, good one LWW.