Wonder Wench Writes

Lady Wonder Wench is talking about some comments in the current podcast here. And I like what she’s saying.

Yes, anyone can be calm, cool, and collected.But only a true Louie Louie Lass with the middle name Wonder Wench can make damned sure that passion is neither dead nor dull in Big Louie’s favorite follower’s life. If that hasn’t confused you all enough, take this as a given: I DON’T KNOW ALL THERE IS TO KNOW IN THIS WORLD, BUT BY HEAVEN AND EARTH TOGETHER I KNOW THAT NEITHER PASSION NOR ROMANCE WILL EVER BE DEAD, GONE OR tiny IN THE LIFE OF MY LOUIE LOUIE LAD.

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. carole M says:

    Nor would any of us who follow you two have any doubts on THAT matter!!!!