Wonder Wench Writes

My Lady Wonder Wench is chastising me for comments made on this week’s podcast:

We wija’s, Oisk!” 

Now THAT makes sense, right? 

A long time ago (you can ask Mario just how long), the Lad and I and Mario and his then girl went to a so-called old timers’ baseball game at Shea Stadium. Talk about LOOOONNNGGGG! 

The other lady and I were sitting and chatting and just enjoying a lovely sunshiney day … when out of the blue, both the Louie Louie Lad and Mario sprang (well, got up) to their feet and began yelling at the tops of their lungs: “We wija’s, Oisk!” 

Now the Lad was wearing his Brooklyn jacket, which at that time was at least reasonably clean and unholed. So we knew there had to be some connection to Brooklyn, right? But … “Oisk”? 

Oh; as in Carl Erskin. Uh, huh … 

In spite of the well, craziness of that yell (which translates to “We’re with you, Oisk”, as in, we’re rooting for you (I think) … it was a marvelous thing to see all those slightly older fans yelling for the old-timers that way. 

That’s how old that Brooklyn jacket is. And although I have been often tempted to “lose” it in the trash, I just don’t quite dare.

Carl Erskin would come after me …



One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. carole M says:

    As a former Brooklyn “goil” meself — wow, that brought back memories…