Wonder Wench Writes

Well, of course none of you likes that dumb moose story.  You’re lucky, though.  Ordinarily it goes on for about half an hour before he finishes it.  All in all, however, it is much better than his chicken cacciatore or mouse hole jokes …

 Even Big Louie winces … and although my Louie-Louie Lad says I might tell you those two stories, the answer is uh, uh.

 Do any of you do that?  Have stories or special lines that only really mean something to you and one other?  Like:  “Twenty dollars!” which usually makes me laugh.  It’s from a movie … what else? … and we enjoyed it together which is why …

 The very best thing about that, of course, is when he is a little down I can make him laugh … or at least giggle … just by saying a word or two.  No, I can’t make faces so words have to do the trick.  And since he is a word-smith, that works.  Movies or books or events …  special occasions with the kids … usually provoke a feeling and just repeating “Yes, I can” (also from a movie) sets him off. 

 Of course, there are times when he embarrasses the daylights out of me with some line that evokes a very sexy moment … but I am allowed to punch him in the arm for such nonsense.  ‘S okay … I get him back later.

 “Yes, I can …”

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. aliasJean Fox says:

    Oh — you mean the story about the Indian named “Chicken” because he was afraid of everything?
    Then one day there was a party of big whigs going down the road near where he was picking flowers …… he saw them, threw some rocks, and klonked the last one on the bean. The rest of the guys kept going, not realizing that they’d lost one of their party.
    Chicken tied they guy up, and brought the white man back to the reservation. Everyone came running out because this was Chicken who actually had hold of a white man.
    Chief says, “Chicken – what you do?”
    To which he replied, “Chicken catch a Tory!!”