Wonder Wench Writes

Men are cape-able, all right.  And, boy, do most of them have smelly sweat sox.

 But if you are a very fortunate Louie-Louie Lass, YOUR Louie-Louie Lad looks absolutely smashing in a cape of any color … well, yeah, probably black with a red lining is best, but even bright green or lovely blue will do.  And when he wears it, the world had better look out.

 A really truly Big Louie, his own bad self, lad can and does accomplish just about anything he puts his mind to.  With a little bit of help.  I mean, after all, without a Louie-Louie Lass of major proportions (no, not THOSE proportions … sheesh, you guys have one track minds!) nothing would ever get done even by the best intentioned LLLad.  If it weren’t for the fact that we are willing to hold that damned cape and stand behind our lads … willing, in fact, to hold the hammer as a writer of note once said, while the lad knocks down the wall, where would even Big Louie be? 

 He knows very well that anything that has ever been accomplished in this world has been done because a lass stood with her lad and said, “Yup, of course you can.”  We aren’t just “housewives” (gloriosky, Mr. Jones, I HATE that word) … or mamas … or secretaries … we are at the very least equal partners in any enterprise he can conceive of.  We don’t wear capes or even get much recognition for the part we play in creating his world. 

 But we help create that world and make it work.  We are the cape creators.  We smile when he wears it.  And we let him.

2 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Rick says:

    Reminds me of an old bit of wisdom: Behind every successful man is a good woman…and a shocked mother-in-law.

  2. lisa says:

    🙂 hello from kentucky * hugs *
    I like how you put this, we are his cape colors….. makes me feel so much better knowing that! and the view from behind our lads is pretty sweet because it gives us such an awesome place to see greatness come into being!