The Dick Summer Connection – 1-11-09


Dick Summer, the “Pseudo Super Hero” here…I’ve got my Indiana Jones hat on my head, my bathrobe with “He’s The Wiz” embroidered on it…sitting here in my big comfortable black leather pappa chair in the living room…you’d think I’d be ready to say the magic word SHAZAM ! That’s a powerful, magic word…but my Lady Wonder Wench hit me with one at least twice as powerful the other night.

In case you forgot, Shazam is the word that turns an ordinary kid named Billy Batson into Captain Marvel. It gives him the wisedom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury. Put the first letters of those guy’s names and you get…SHAZAM !  

And Pseudo Super Hero powers are exactly what a Louie-Louie Generation guy needs these days when your feet are hurting, and you’re way behind a work deadline…so of course that’s the time when your computer goes down…you can’t afford to waste time, so you go out to do a little work on your car…so your hands get full of grease…which makes your nose start itching… and makes you have to pee…which is when the new neighbor with the long legs and tank top and short shorts drops by to say hello…and the phone starts ringing…so you trip over the sliding door track…grab the phone which slips out of your greasy hand… and it’s a telemarketer. It’s not easy being a Louie-Louie Generation guy.

I’ve always been a big fan of magic words. They help you out…at least in your own mind. They snap you out of it…they make you smile when four out of five voices in your head are telling you it’s time to turn in your cape with the big red S on the back and chuck your blue leotard…just give up and draw a little balloon over your head and write “Superman doesn’t live here anymore” in it.

Hey…who needs Superman when you have an Indiana Jones hat and a Wiz bathrobe? And you better watch out for that magic lightning bolt when I say shazam!

But most Louie-Louie Generation folks don’t usually use magic words. We’re more inclined to remember the words of Big Louie…his own bad self…the Chief Mustard Cutter of the Louie – Louie Generation…when he said…”Dare to be indifferent.”

And there’s a lot to be said about that kind of approach. It cuts down on headaches, it makes Viagra unnecessary, and it even makes it possible to live in the same zip code with people who are closely related to you, even though they happen to be teenagers.

But you can take “Dare to be indifferent” way too far. My buddy Mike does that. He thinks it’s cool. And I guess he’s right. But sometimes I want to grab him by the ears and shake him…and holler wake up…get a life…Shazam !

Big Louie doesn’t mean you should be indifferent to passion. He just means you shouldn’t drive up next to a guy who just cut you off and administer the finger.

But he also means you should have the guts to be indifferent to people who snicker at you because your eyebrows wiggle, your ears twitch and your fingers flip around when somebody like my Lady Wonder Wench…who has one of those pancake syrup voices… stands very close to you…and listens very carefully to everything you say…and doesn’t take her eyes off you…and then smiles slowly and runs her finger around your ear…. Unfortunately, that’s not something that happens every day…but some nights…if you’re wearing your Indiana Jones hat, and your bathrobe that says The Wiz on it…hey…Shazam.

 Dick’s Details Quiz – All answers are in the current podcast at

1-   Which big time Super Hero isn’t really a human dressed up in a fancy costume ?
2-   Which of your fingers doesn’t have a name ?
3-   Why should we call the moon “Planet Smith?”

Passion is powerful. Lots of people, all governments, and most religions are afraid of it. It destroys some relationships, and it keeps other relationships going against all kind of odds. What’s hot and what’s not is mostly very subjective. A very short and clingy black dress ? That gets my attention. A guy with firey eyes ?  Lots of women get turned on by him. Warm hands in private places ? Pretty much everybody likes that.

My Lady Wonder Wench says a man with a very masculine attitude is hot…she means bold…but kind and gentle. She says she can tell a lot by the way a guy carries himself. She likes a guy with confidence, and strength and pride…with a very strong but gentle voice and strong eyes. And he has to smile a lot.

That’s not macho. A macho guy is afraid of anything gentle. He’s afraid the other guys will call him a wimp. He doesn’t “Dare to be indifferent.”  I have a feeling that’s one of the problems the guy had in the story from the first Night Connections personal audio cd called The Tiny Dancer. It’s in the current podcast at  I think it began to sink in that day…what he lost…kinda sad.

Oh yeah…I told you what my Lady Wonder Wench thinks is hot. Here are some of the things she told me last night are not hot:

She said the following things are not hot: Bad manners, bad breath, dirty fingernails, insecurity, bluster, bullies and flabby butts. Then she hit me with a couple of magic words that put SHAZAM to shame.  

I had just stepped out of the shower, so I wasn’t wearing my Indiana Jones hat, and I was just putting on my He’s the Wiz bathrobe…when she smiled one of those slow Wonder Wenchy smiles…and she said…”hey…nice butt”.…and I didn’t even need my hat or my bathrobe…in a flash I became Summer, the Psuedo Super Hero. Who needs SHAZAM when Lady Wonder Wench is around.

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