Silent Changes

I’m sitting on that 3 place swing set that was made in China, with parts from Burma that I told you about a while ago. It looks like the one Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon were sitting on at the end of the movie. It’s under a tree by our driveway. I’m just sitting here waiting for my Lady Wonder Wench to get back from spurring on the economy. I always unload the packages from the trunk…and there are always lots of packages to un-load. So I’m just sitting here keeping busy by watching my grass grow…which is a good thing to do on a hot and sticky Summer afternoon. Actually, the grass I’m watching is a just a little clump right next to the garage. I call it my grass, because I’m from Brooklyn. And this is the first grass I ever planted. The rest of the grass came with the house. This grass…I planted myself. I’ve planted much more important growing things…like kids, and ideas, and even a few hopes. But this is…some kind of a new experience for me. This is weird. But you’re probably used to that in these blogs by now. But I’ve actually had some no word conversations with my grass.

Let me explain: We just built this garage a little while ago, and in the process, a dozer tire tore up a little patch of the regular grass…and the dirt was just sitting there looking at me and getting muddy every time it rained. So I went to the hardware store and bought a box of grass seed, spread it around, watered it a few times…and wow…last week I saw some green stuff breaking out of the ground. I was amazed. I don’t know why. I mean, I’ve seen grass. But this was different. I planted it. It was my grass. And I couldn’t help myself…every morning I came out to take a look, and a couple of days ago I caught myself saying…”come on baby…grow.” As you might expect, it was a very quiet conversation. But it wasn’t really a one way conversation.

On a one to ten scale of weird, this comes in somewhere near an 8 plus, but it really seems like the grass is saying something back. Something with no words…but the words WOULD be something like, “Thanks for planting me…I’m going to grow up and make you proud.” Then I just realized that I’m also Lawn Tractor Man, and so if it does grow nice and tall… oooo. Maybe I’ll just steer around it. Then we’ll have this well trimmed grass that came with the house, and this little tuft of my grass. It’ll look like some Pimple People’s haircut. We’ve never had a lawn that looks like a Pimple Person’s haircut before. That will be a bit of a change.

Maybe I can be philosophical about it. Maybe I can just say, everything changes as it grows of course. Babies turn to kids, then when they hit around 13 years old and they change to aliens. Little girls tend to like life like dolls, and little boys tend to like toy soldiers. But as they grow up, big girls start liking soldiers, and big boys start liking dolls…the more life like the better.

Even words change as time goes along. Gay used to be how you felt when you hollered Happy New Year. Now it means you’ll never have kids unless you adopt them. James Bond used to be cool. Now the guys they call cool in the movies and the ads in magazines look like they just crawled out from under some rock….to me. I hate that. I’ve decided that if anybody ever says I look cool again, I’m going to tell them, “You don’t look so hot yourself.”

Dick’s Details Quiz. All answers are in the current podcast.

1-   What’s the matter with Mickey Mouse’s love songs?

2-   How come you can get hit by lightning indoors ?

3-   Besides myself, what other creature can live five years without maturing?

4-   Why are wood peckers known as the best kissers in birdland?

Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

Some changes happened so quietly in my life that I hardly noticed them. Like when all of a sudden I changed from caring a lot about MPH to concentrating more on MPG. That’s when I bought my little 30 MPG car that does hardly any MPG up the hill on my block. But some changes in life are pretty obvious. I mean, think about when it became your turn to drive, after having been a passenger ever since your baby carriage days. That was a big change. You finally got to decide where to go, how to get there, how fast to go, when to stay, and when to go. And you knew if you got caught speeding, you’d have to find your own way to pay the fine. That’s called changing into a grown up.

And some changes are such a shock…and they happen so fast and so privately, you spend a large part of your life trying to figure out what you’re going to do about them.

There’s a story about a change like that in the lives of two very unlikely and unsuspecting people. It’s in the Night Connections personal audio cd. It’s called Mr. Hard Guy.

Nobody in the office knows. Nobody in the office notices her quick, under the eyelashes glance when he walks past her desk. Nobody notices the small change in his voice when he says her name. No words. But an endless conversation about the change in their lives.

Mr. Hard Guy is from the Night Connections Personal Audio CD. If you like it, you can just keep the current podcast, or if you want a fresh copy, you can download it from the Night Connections Icon on the home page.

Just sitting here, having a no words conversation with my little blades of grass…and grinning…and feeling good. And here comes my Lady Wonder Wench. Time to unload the trunk. She likes that. And if I get a little lucky, I may even be able to get her to go inside and change into something more comfortable, so she can have a very pleasant no words conversation with me.

I have always been a huge admirer of her no words body language.

One Response to “Silent Changes”

  1. alias Jean Fox says:

    See second paragraph: No Dick — It’s not so weird — it’s so YOU …
    I’ve been thinkiing “Dick-isms” for most of my life now, and that comment about being amazed at the grass growing and the whole subject, somehow sounds “normal”, whatever *normal* is!
    Thanks for entertaining “us” (your huddle) and giving us little things to think about and say, “Yah – I dig that”. It’s just one of life’s little vicissitudes.