May 2009 be gentle with us. At least gentler than 2008. This is just a quickie…taking the week off. Big plans for the podcast ( www.dicksummer.com/podcast/latest  ) May turn it into a streaming audio station.

 If you know any of the top notch talk guys who were just fired from the CBS owned stations, please ask them to contact me. ( Dick@DickSummer.com ) I think we could put together one heck of an internet radio station together.

More later. Thanks for the connection over the past couple of years. Upward and onward.

 Dick Summer


One Response to “Quickie-Dickie”

  1. Eric Jaderborg says:

    Dick Summer, my friend…and subversive hypno-Head of “Louie-Louie Pirate Radio.” I love it! What a great idea! Preset that station on Button No. 1, folks, and “don’t touch that dial!”