Our Rock Center Christmas Trip

As soon as I finish typing this, I’m taking my Lady Wonder Wench to see the Rockerfeller Center tree, and then to the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall. We’ll be taking the Amtrak to Penn Station. It’ll be a trip back in time for us. She used to come with me often when I worked at WNBC. The station was literally across the street from the Rock Center tree, in the RCA building. We used to look forward to walking past the tree on the way to the station every Christmas season.

 WNBC was one of the two stations I listened to when I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn. WNEW was the other. So walking past the tree to work at WNBC was like a very special Christmas gift every year.

 I did the voiceover for the Rock Center tour video a few years ago. Part of the fee, was tickets for the Christmas show. We took all our grandkids. It was wonderful…as in an experience that was full of wonder.

 Our granddaughter Erin always wanted to taste roasted chestnuts…as in “Chestnuts roasting by an open fire….” So we found a street vendor selling them, and bought her some. (They were awful.)

 Our trip today is just my Lady Wonder Wench and me. I’m a little concerned, because there will be a considerable amount of walking involved, and she’s had lots of trouble with that ever since her horseback accident a couple of years ago. But she’s in the other room right now, putting on her soft green cashmere Christmas sweater with the Christmas tree pin that I got her years ago. And she’ll be wearing her Scotch Plaid pleated skirt… just like the one she wore all those years ago in Boston…and her new soft, black leather boots. She’s beautiful.

 The weather is New York iffy tonight. Rain/snow is probable. Taxis are hard enough to find any time, but trying to get one after the show is a special challenge. And with her problem walking…I’m a little worried. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

 I know, that she knows how special going back to Rock Center at Christmas will be for me. And I know that’s one of the reasons she wants to do this.

 I guess that qualifies as a Christmas story from me. And my thanks to those of you who put Christmas stories of your own in the comments at the bottom of last week’s blog. I hope you’ll do the same this week. Just scroll down to where it says “comments” and…comment. Or, send an Email to Dick@DickSummer.com

 The podcast this week is a special one. It includes my favorite Christmas recording…ever.  I hope you’ll give it a listen.

 I’ll add a Dickie-Quickie to let you know how our Rock Center trip works out. Time to catch the one horse open Amtrak.

  As I said, please keep your fingers crossed for my Lady. She’s Christmas beautiful.

One Response to “Our Rock Center Christmas Trip”

  1. Sheri says:

    keeping fingers crossed and saying a prayer that LWW will be fine, that the weather will not be iffy.. maybe just a light little sprinkle of snow to add to the magic. It’s going to be a magical night, I know you already know that, and speaking of one who has issues with walking and cold, she’s gonna get thru this, for you tonight… and tomorrow, you will wait on her hand and foot as she rest and recovers under warm blankets, with warm drinks, as you to remember the magic of last night. Can’t wait to read how it goes…