Lady Wonder Wench Writes

“I see you,” dearest of Louie-Louie Lads …

 I have seen that “mirror face” before, usually when you are very tired or very worried, but it never lasts long.  Do not concern yourself about it; just listen when that voice yells.

 Did you all know that brown squirrels can have white feet?  Yes, I saw one when the Louie-Louie Generation king of the road pointed him out to me.  Anyone else ever see that?  Or have someone who delights in unusual things and always points them out?

 There is just one small (large?) difficulty with this almost grown up former disc jockey turned commercial turner out.  He won’t let me have a dog.  Or a horse.  Which I couldn’t ride or run after anyway, but still !

 And if any of you have a short moment to send good vibrations, please do so this weekend for Babsi.  That particular lady helped big time to save my life a couple of years ago and she is riding in the Devon, PA dressage horse show this Saturday and Sunday.  Dressage is what the Austrian Lippizaner white horses do, all that fancy stuff strutting and looking gloriously elegant.  Although Devon isn’t quite as big as the Olympics, trust me, anyone who can ride at Devon would much rather do that than eat.  Babsi is an international rider, jumps and does all the elegant stuff possible.  So wish her luck …

 And hands off my  Lad in his Speedo …

One Response to “Lady Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Betsy says:

    Good luck to Babsi.

    Maybe Dick would compromise and get a cat… or two. I never thought I liked them until I took in 3 strays. Now I think they are really neat little creatures, and so much easier than a dog.

    What did happen with that speedo deal? Was your Louie Louie Lad able to wear it? 😉