Lady Wonder Wench Writes

Yup, my Louie-Louie Lad smells the grass he planted – all four feet of it.  The fact that the rest of the yard has – wait for it – not grass but wild strawberries and something that looks awfully like “weeds” … well, what the hell, he did plant that grass and it did grow and he does enjoy admiring it.  And it really doesn’t matter about the wild stuff … he likes sitting in our nifty yard and admiring his handiwork.  I do too.

And like Louie-Louie Lad Dennis, I too talk to flowers.  Sometimes they even whisper back …

But if any of you lasses can come up with a way for me to keep the lad from mowing too often, I would appreciate it.  Y’see, Randy next door goes out almost every day and sits on his tractor and sort of pretends to mow, all the while he is thinking heavily about his job and his teenaged daughter and small stuff like that.  Perfectly understandable.  Unfortunately, my Louie-Louie Generation lad feels he has to emulate Randy and go out to mow at the same time.

Now, what did I say we have in our yard?  Wild strawberries.  You really can’t mow them very often or you will dig holes in the grass … er, yard.  Even, if you tip over on the lawn tractor if you get too close to the steep edge.  Yes, he has …

So while I really admire that lovely grass, I would prefer the lad in one piece …

One Response to “Lady Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. alias Jean Fox says:

    The wild strawberries, like the wild blueberries, are small but they’re the best! Just don’t sit on the lawn while you’re picking them unless you’re wearing strawberry red pants…….

    As to Dick and the neighbor both mowing at the same time —- it’s a guy thing. Ladies all go to the rest room at the same time …. guys mow lawns. (who has the baddest machine???). Enjoy! And remind Dick of the price of gas to mow the lawn just once …….