Another great note about the story in the podcast at www.dicksummer.com/podcast This is from Proud Podcast Participant Carole M:

Dick, I finally got a chance to listen to the podcast.  I think that the guy did exactly the right thing.  I disagree with an earlier comment that the era in which this story took place would have dictated his actions.
The young lady was hurting – she had a child and was planning to move on and raise him/her by herself.    Although she was in psychic pain, she was strong enough to finally break free and move on with a little positive reinforcement from him.   She was looking for comfort and reassurance – nothing more. Had she wanted more, I believe she would have made the first move, or at the very least, would have let him know in some subtle ways that she NEEDED more.
Someone who had been betrayed numerous times was perhaps emotionally much too fragile to begin any kind of relationship by making love with someone.  As you know, women usually invest a certain amount of emotion and attachment to lovemaking.  (At least, it seems to me, this particular lady would have.)    Perhaps further down the road, the friendship could have grown into something more.
I think that someone who was fiercely independent and emotionally strong might have wanted more- but then I doubt that they would have found themselves in a similar situation.  More likely they would have thrown the bugger out and/or walked sooner rather than later.

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  1. wow, so well said !!! I was not aware that people were still able to see how some of the actions and behaviors we woman take are ( this world today seems so cold , thereby the actions of woman seem to some as cold, calculated ) And you are very correct in saying more of us ( at least at my age of 50 ) do invest emotion and attachment.

    very very good read today 🙂