Proud Podcast Participant, Anita send this really neat comment about last week’s podcast:

Holding hands (“Hand-some-ness”): late the other night…on the UES. in
> front of me was an ancient, very uptown couple. walking SO slowly.
> Holding hands. She began fussing with his coat. They stopped. He stood
> there while she rearranged things on him. Then they linked arms and
> continued. Suddenly, a loud, “Hey!” It came from the cab of a giant
> truck. The couple stopped. “Hey youz!” They looked up at the truck.
> “Youz is such an inspiration! Such an inspiration! I just hadda tell ya!”
> The air was filled with thank yous & you’re welcomes. Everyone was
> smiling….laughing… Beautiful. And one of those moments that makes me
> smile when out-of-towners go on (& on) about what a cold rude heartless
> town NYC is…
>> Anita

One Response to “Dickie-Quickie”

  1. Carole says:

    Anita, only those of us who have lived in New York City can appreciate the breadth and depth of the “HEART” of its’ residents. Gruff- often. Hurried – most of the time! But every now and then….something like what you experienced will happen. I was there for the first and second big blackouts, as well as 9/11. New Yorkers will pull together and BE there for one another whenever the going gets rough and tough. And you can take that to the bank!!!! A very special breed, are the denizens of the Big Apple.
    I remember some years ago, one of the major TV stations in NYC ran a show where they had “plants” experience various problems, to see what the “cold and heartless” New Yorkers would do. In each and every case, people stopped to help. I was not surprised.