Sometimes things get uncomfortable when you’re flying a plane. When that happens, you ask yourself “Self…why am I doing this?” And there are more answers to the “Self why are we doing this” question than getting safely on the ground, finding some food and going to pee. That’s where the “No Drool Rule” comes in. You cannot fly a plane and drool at the same time. Drooling is best done in a rocking chair on the porch. And lots of folks my age do just that. My neighbor Steve now seems to get the same kind of kick out of rocking and drooling as he used to get on a roller coaster. As I have explained in my book, Staying Happy Healthy And Hot, I call people like Steve the “Dreary Drones.” The “dreary drones” slouch through life, drenched in TV, slogging through soggy relationships and settling for dimmed-down dreams. And lots of them sit in their rocking chairs and drool. Some of them can’t even start their chairs rocking. They could probably be declared landmarks. I don’t want any part of that. Drool is not cool.kid & plane

2 Responses to “Dickie-Quickie”

  1. susan says:

    Great pic!!! Hope you had a great time at the Air Show. Would have loved to join you, and by the way, the baby didn’t run into any problems with the baptismal water…..ha!
    Love you , Guys….

  2. Mike says:

    I looked at that picture and thought:

    As the whale said to jonah, what’re you complaining about? You’re getting the ride for free! You can’t please everybody!