Today’s podcast is about legit reports that the “Pimple People” now say “Sex is so passe.” Big Louie always says, “Whatever can happen, happens. So don’t ever forget that you never know when something wonderful is going to happen.” So, maybe it’s true that “Gender is so passé.” Maybe the Pimple People will swap meat sex for virtual sex. Or no sex. After all sex is messy when it’s well done.  And there’s lots of rejection in the dating game. And even Olympic athletes like Bruce Jenner are going trans-gender. And maybe trans-gender is just another step to no-gender like that magazine article said. Hey…everybody should shine his/her own light on his/her own life. Maybe in dog years, I’m dead, and some of the butter has slipped off my pancakes, and I probably am a good example of the fact that evolution can go backwards. But for me, you can keep your “Virtual Companion.” I’ll take my Lady Wonder Wench wearing just her two piece…her bedroom slippers…every time.


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