Hi Group, Mother Nature will be throwing a hissy-fit on the East Coast during the next few days, and I want you to know that my Lady Wonder Wench, Big Louie and I will be thinking about you. I wish we could do more than that. I wish we could grab hands and hang on together, but that obviously won’t work. Please don’t take chances. There are a lot of trees around my house, and I’m planning to take Lady W.W. to a nearby cheap, concrete hotel… strictly to protect her…of course. As soon as I post this, I’m going to check the generator, because power could be out for a while. Food should be ok, because I’ve been hoarding crunchy peanut butter for a while. Better check yours.

Because there could be power problems when the new blog and podcast are scheduled to go up this weekend, I want you to know about a freebie that I’d like to give you. It’s a small thank you for coming to visit in my world each week. I’m not sure you understand how special that is to me.

Here’s the deal. Staying Happy, Healthy And Hot is the title of the new book. It’s finished. Until the publishing deal kicks in on November 4th I’d like to send you a free, no strings attached download of the final draft. I can’t send you the completely finished book, because of the publishing deal, but they can’t stop me from sending you essentially the same thing with the final draft.  final cover (2)

No strings attached. Just send me an email to biglouiehisownbadself@gmail.com and let me know you’d like the download.

Please be careful when Sandy hits. She’s going to be mean. You’re important. Our “huddle” isn’t very big. And we need you here. It would be neat if you’d let me know you’re ok when Sandy moves on.

I like to kid you. But this is no kidding. This is, I really care.

Dick Summer

One Response to “Dickie-Quickie”

  1. Joanne meehan says:


    I feel as protected by you, now,as when I was 16 and you were the voice in my long, lonely nights.

    Take care,