Dickie Quickie

Some of the stupidest moments in human history often follow the statement: Hey…watch this ! Perhaps the stupidest statement I have EVER heard went clanging against my head, just minutes ago. I was discussing hurricane Irene with my friend Susan. She said some friends of hers were going to the shore this weekend. She told them it would be dangerous. One of them said…”IT WOULD BE AN ADVENTURE.”




Irene is no lady. She has a mean red eye, very, very bad breath, fierce fangs, and claws in her paws.


Lady Wonder Wench and I live on a lovely hill about 40 miles west of Philly. It is a beautiful place, with tall, elegant trees. Lots of tall elegant trees…with a full bloom of summer leaves…which will turn those trees into sails. Many of those trees are right over our house.


The last time we had a hurricane, it hit in the middle of the night. And one of those trees came crashing through our bedroom wall…just moments after we had run down into the basement.


I am making arrangements to spend the hours during which we are expecting a visit from Irene at a nearby hotel…made of concrete and steel…with a huge parking lot around it…and NO TREES.


That’s why there will probably be no podcast this weekend. But I will try to stay in touch with you via this blog.


Because I fly a small airplane…sometimes in less than sunshine-y conditions…I get to see more of the dangerous effects of weather than most folks. You often hear about Coast Guard guys who fly specially equipped, “heavy metal” aircraft into a hurricane to check out what’s going on. You hear about it so often, that it probably sounds routine. But it’s not. Trust me on this…every one of those guys is a hero.


There is a time and a place for heroism. But not for incredible stupidity.


Stay safe.

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  1. John C says:

    I agree incredibly stupid. i was on vacation in Falmouth harbor during huricane Bob and thought it would be cool as Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel were staying next door to us. The huricane came and left as did Jim cantore and the Weather Chanel. We stayed for 2 weeks of devistation, no electricity, little water, no gas (cooking), no vehicle as the trees fell across the driveway and trapped my car for 2 weeks! Not fun.