Dickie-Quickie #3

One of the nicest notes about the new Night Connections 3 personal audio CD, is from Proud Podcast Participant, Sheri S.:

I’ve listened to the whole CD… and dang you Dick… you made me cry!!  It’s probably just the mood I’ve been in lately.. but the one that got to me the most was “Close”.  I could identify with some many of them.. not always the whole story.. but parts of it.  I think this is probably the best so far! I’ve been the mistress… and the independent woman…. and been told it’s not your fault, but still feeling like if I had only been better at something…  I’ve been in a bad hands relation…. stayed there for 7 years,,, lived in my own little place that was made a bit better by a special person…. and dang it.. I even have a thing for bass players with or without long hair.  

I’m off to sleep now… you are still talking in my bed.  I love the speakers under my pillows.. I snuggle in and let you lull me into sleep.  It’s become a very important part of my nightly routine… I have found that if I don’t listen to you till I drift off.. I don’t sleep well.  I have a play list in itunes… it starts with the most recent podcast.. then one of the older ones…. and then a story from each of all the other CD’s, then “You Shine”, and “Got a Minute” and then all of quiet hands.  It’s usually about an hour long… some night I make it to the end.. other nights I don’t. And all of your CD’s are on my iphone just in case I’m not at home and I need to hear you.  I even made a ringtone out of my favorite part of “got a minute”.. the part about being used… and the not being used.  I haven’t assigned it to anyone… I just listen to it …. I know… I’m a tad bit crazy… we’ll just blame it on my meds… ,,, yeah… my meds.. that works

One Response to “Dickie-Quickie #3”

  1. Andrew Watson says:

    The writer is known to me. She has a heavy burden to bear and does amazingly well in meeting the demands life places on her. She has been quite unfairly treated at times and relies somewhat on your Podcasts (and voice) for peace and relaxation as sleep comes. Dick, she is a precious gift to and shining light in this tired, hurting, struggling world. I am blessed to know her and expect you feel the same way. The goodness you bring her is greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂