Louie Louie Generation guys know that Louie Louie Ladies  DO NOT HAVE TO BE YOUNG TO BE LOVELY!   But Louie Louie Ladies don’t seem to understand. Why can’t you Louie Ladies see past the scam? It’s the guys who are trying to sell you stuff to smear on your face who are trying to tell you that you have to look young. Big Louie, his own bad self, the Chief Mustard Cutter of the Louie Louie Generation has made this very clear to his guys. Why should Louie Louie guys want to settle for a kitten when we can have a cougar ? Kittens purr nicely. But cougars roar. When you ladies feel fully and fiercely female, and strong, and confident, and sexy, and happy, we can feel your heat, and hear you roar. Try it. You’ll like it. Kittens are pretty. Cougars mean business. 


One Response to “Dickie-Quickie”

  1. Ellen Ferranti says:

    Well said! But a little eye cream concealer isn’t bad for those small wrinkles! Shhhh…it’s a secret!