Dick Summer Connection

WEEKEND!  Today’s podcast is about how you look at things. All week long you’ve got to do “STUFF.” But there are things besides the “STUFF” you’ve got to do in life. Things like taste a dollop of cold whipped cream floating on top of a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Or listen to the changing sound when you drive under an overpass during a rain storm. Maybe say “Hi” and giving a smile to somebody who doesn’t have many friends…or maybe to a cop who’s been on his feet for a long time. How about suddenly remembering the lyrics to a song you like…and singing it right out loud. (Imagine there’s no heaven.) Or maybe your car’s window spray got all the gunk off on the first swipe. Wow. Have you ever found a long lost love letter in a pile of junk? There’s sometimes a last minute Hail Mary pass for a winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Remember what it’s like when the shower water is warm and relaxing running down your face, and down your shoulders, and all the way down your back…just making mush of your muscles. Some days there is a white golden sunrise…and have you ever stopped your car to take a picture of a rainbow? I love the sound of red velvet and black lace falling to the floor at midnight… don’t you?  Gratitude Attitude. 

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    Oh Yea Found myself singing along with Joe South’s “Hush”, Great Fun !!