Dick Summer Connection

Here’s a question from today’s podcast. When you got up this morning, you probably did a mental check list of what you were going to do today. What priorities did you give each job that needed doing? What was that nut case in North Korea going to do to worry you? And how about that idiot in Washington? All things you needed to consider. But did you add what you’re looking forward to doing to the list? What are you going to do to add to your happiness, or the happiness of somebody you love? Even it it’s just making an appointment with someone special in your life to watch a full moon rise together. Or  you might concentrate for just a moment on enjoying the feel of a soft rug under your bare feet. Or how about enjoying the possibility that your baby will finally manage to say, “Daddy?” Aren’t those things really more important to YOUR life right now than some nutcase in North Korea, or some business problem, or another whack attack crazy thing some Congress-person does in Washington? That’s the Gratitude Attitude. Give today’s podcast a listen. And give the Gratitude Attitude a try. There’s nothing to lose, and maybe something to gain.

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