Dick Summer Connection

There’s still time to get your Christmas stories in to Dick@DickSummer.com for posting on these blogs or being part of the regular podcasts at DickSummer.com/podcast . I don’t remember who sent this one, but I like it. It’s simple and HONEST:

I love this time of year! I am a December baby and so is my daughter. So, we get lots of presents!  One of my favorite Christmas stories is the year my Mom got all three of us bikes! My Mom was a single mom (in the early 70’s working full time, and going to college and we didn’t have much money, but she was determined to buy us bikes! My little brother was only 3 or 4, so it was easy to get him a bike and put it together. But she knew she had to scour the pennysaver paper to find second hand bikes for me and my other brother. She was determined! That Christmas morning we got up early as usual; but couldn’t get to the tree because my mother blocked the access to it…we were so excited…what did we get?  When we saw the bikes, we were so happy! Mine was the prettiest pink bike! I had that bike for years! Riding to and from school; riding in the park and throughout the neighborhood. It was one of the best Christmases because we really wanted bikes and didn’t know how Mom was going to get them for us!( my youngest brother thinks he got his from Santa!) You know, I don’t remember what happened to that pretty pink bike! It was so long ago. We are all grown up now.
> No pouting… just fond memories. Merry Christmas!

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