Dick Summer Connection

Your Christmas memories please. Send them to Dick@DickSummer.com for this blog and the regular podcasts. Here’s one from my Lady Wonder Wench. 

We had real glass ornaments on our tree at home … musical instruments of all kinds … and a stuffed Santa Claus which somehow lost an arm but always held onto our tree with the other one.  I’ll tell you a story about that Santa:  my folks gave him to me and my Louie-Louie Lad and I hung him every Christmas, until my dad died.  When it came time to do as Walter, my dad had asked and give his ashes to the ocean, Dick took him flying one last time, along with that by then totally bedraggled santa, and let them both sail free over the water. We had one musical instrument left and I sent it to my younger brother.  I don’t know whether he kept it.  I wish I had …Now we have a few glass balls left from when I was very little.  I think we will save them until our little Cecelia is old enough to understand and give them to her. Christmas memories are so very real …

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    Nice !! My sister still has an old angel that was atop our trees as kids, and to this day when I see it, brings me back, you are right, those Christmas memories are REAL ! Thanks for Sharing !!