Dick Summer Connection

Thanks for sending your Christmas notes for this blog, and the regular podcasts to Dick@DickSummer.com . Here’s a note from me. The Salvation Army volunteers are out again this year, some of them are bravely blowing trumpets right into the winter wind, and others just ringing a little bell and smiling.  They don’t do it for pay.  They do it for Christmas.  For some folks passing by, that Salvation Army Volunteer’s smile is the only smile they’ll see on a real person that day. One winter a long time ago, the Salvation Army rescued Christmas for a little girl by seeing to it that she had a doll and a good turkey dinner. That little girl grew up to become my beautiful Lady Wonder Wench.  Hey Christmas, thank you for taking care of her that year…before I knew her.

One Response to “Dick Summer Connection”

  1. Bill Killeen says:

    WOW !! Speechless !! Someone up there like her and you !! b