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Please send your Christmas thoughts to Dick@DickSummer.com for use here and on the podcasts. Here’s another example of what you remember best about Christmas From Proud Podcast Participant “Don”:

Here we are with another Christmas coming fast. But have we taken a moment to stop and think what this holiday really means? I know I haven’t. It’s that time of year where we can all stop and smile at stranger and they don’t wonder if you’re about to mug them.

I think we all need to take a step back from all the hype and the ads that say buy this or that. I’ve found myself wondering what Virginia would say if she were alive today? I’ve read the letter she wrote to the newspaper. Would she write it again? All I know is that Christmas means reaching out to someone who needs the help or might be hungery for a hug or a kind word. Have we become so jaded over time that all we can believe in is ourselves?  Josh Groban did a song for the movie Polar Express, all it said was you need to believe in the magic of the holiday. The tree in your living room with all the decorations collected over the years. Some because they have a special meaning or some because they are pretty. The yule log burning in the fireplace. I remember how hard it was for me to sleep on the eve of Christmas, or how I thought I heard sleigh bell softly ringing in the night. Opening the little gifts in the stocking. We need to believe in something bigger than the commercial side of the holiday and hope for snow on Christmas Eve. As a member of the Louie Louie Generation I will always believe in the softer and gentler things of Christmas. I hope the sleigh bell never stops ringing. For those who have loved ones in harms way overseas, my hope for them is to come home to you soon. I say that as one who served. May we all get those gifts that we truly want.

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    Don – First of all – thanks for your service! I could not agree more with all you have said in your comments. Like you, I pray that our warfighters both home and abroad return safe and soon to their loved ones. We are so very blessed to live in a Country where brave men and women volunteer to go in harm’s way so that we can remain safe.