Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast is about your lower reptilian brain. Everybody has a lower reptilian brain. Including you. Scientists say your lower reptilian brain is part of your limbic system. I like to think of mine as kind of a friendly little wee beastie. I call my wee beastie Rumplestilskin Pfarfenugen. Pfarf for short. Pfarf causes problems for me sometimes. He can be a problem when instead of being a simple wee beastie, he becomes a whee beastie. He becomes the whoopee maker in my life. He tends to wiggle my ears when my Lady Wonder Wench walks into the room wearing only her two piece…that’s what I call her bedroom slippers. And that makes her laugh. Laughs very easily become lustful. So get the picture. Yesterday I had an early, important business appointment, and ten minutes before I’m supposed to see my client this beautiful woman is standing there wearing just her “Two piece”…her bedroom slippers…and she is laughing…which causes severe…wiggling…see what I mean? Pfarf is a powerful and dangerous little guy. Your wee beastie is too, so don’t ignore him. Whee beasties don’t like ignorance.

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