Dick Summer Connection

The new “THING” in town is “Sologamy.” That’s marrying yourself. Seriously. It was in Time Magazine last week. You can find out about it in today’s podcast. I was looking in the mirror this morning while I was shaving, and I was talking to myself. “Self”, I said, “Would you really want to marry that guy in the mirror?” Guys make pretty strange faces while we shave…I do anyway. Being kind of an old fashioned guy from the Louie Louie Generation, I married a beautiful woman…my Lady Wonder Wench. And I realized that she has to look at me making these pretty strange faces, and I don’t want her to flee in terror when she sees me make my “Shave under the lower lip” face which is one of the stranger ones. Life is difficult for guys who marry a beautiful woman. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

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