Dick Summer Connection

I almost fell out of my big, comfortable, manly poppa chair in my living room just now. I figured “I’ve got to deal with this in some length in today’s Podcast. It’ something I saw in a very legit news magazine.  The article says, “Longtime single people in places like Brooklyn and San Francisco are now marrying themselves in full ceremonies.” First of all, I was born and brought up in Brooklyn and I’ve been to San Francisco. Any comparisons are fraught with foolishness. Brooklyn guys figure a 7 course meal is a hot dog and a six pack. The same cannot be said for guys in San Francisco, because it’s really hard to tell which people are guys there. Second, and far more important is I don’t think Sologimists have really thought this out. It’s not like if you win a free trip to Paris, you get to go twice. You and yourself don’t even get an upgrade to “Ruling Class” on the flight.

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