Christmas Tender-Tough

We made it. And it was beautiful. The trip to New York for the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall was tough on my Lady Wonder Wench, because she’s been having trouble walking any distance/speed since her horseback accident a couple of years ago. We knew about the crowds because when I worked at NBC radio, the studios were right across the street from the Rock Center tree.

 The only good thing about 9-11, was the fact that the rest of the country got to see that New Yorkers aren’t really the nasty, rude, and dishonest creeps that the media usually shows. We’re in a hurry, because there are 14 million of us, and it seems like we all have to cross the same street corner at the same time, so there’s no time to waste. And I think 13 of the 14 million were there last night…looking at the tree…laughing, singing, whistling, staring at the tree and at each other, and wishing each other Merry Christmas. 

 The show inside the Music Hall was…spectacular. The hall itself is amazing. The stage has elevators that lift the 40 piece orchestra out of the pit, and up to stage level. It’s such an amazing piece of machinery, that during WW2, the stage was guarded by the US military, because we were using that same, secret technology to lift aircraft from below to the flight decks on our carriers. There was a dazzling Santa arrival in 3D, and then in person…and flying singers…and the Rockettes.

 And you would have been proud of my Lady Wonder Wench…I certainly was. She looked Christmas Angel beautiful, which is never easy I guess…but especially when you’re having trouble walking in hustle-bustle crowds like that. It was tough, but she was tender-tougher.

 Christmas is like that anyway. Tender-tough. Joseph couldn’t have been overjoyed at the fact that his wife gave birth to a baby in a stable. And what’s it like when you’re out of work on Christmas…or sick…or just lonely and scared because somebody you love is fighting a war for…something…somewhere very far away.

 On that subject…what’s this Christmas like for you ? What are the ghosts of your Christmas pasts telling you. And what are your “Hopes and joys” for Christmases yet to come ? I’d love to have  you add them to this blog. Just scroll down to the “Comments” icon, click on it, and leave your word processor jingle bells. Or send them to

And please grab a moment for this week’s podcast. There’s some Christmas music on it that you can’t buy.

 I’m beginning to think that maybe Christmas is just whatever you make of it. And I’m very thankful and glad that we made it last night. Together. Again. My Lady Wonder Wench and me. It has been a lot of years now. It was truly beautiful.

As my friend Neil Braverman says…”Oi!”

That’s New York talk. And it means,  we wish you and yours, such a Merry, Merry Christmas.

4 Responses to “Christmas Tender-Tough”

  1. Christmas Ghosts eh…. okay I will bite.

    Mine this year are louder than normal and at the same time much gentler. I have been brought to see the lovely smaller things in this beautiful life, things I glossed over for much of my many many years on this planet. Just let those Ghosts talk, they seem scary at first maybe but in the end they are just reminding us of what we have right there in front of us and always had. My only hope is to have many many more Christmas times together with my family.

    glad to hear that you two were able to enjoy the sights in NY, I bet it was beautiful beyond belief with that lovely lady at your side.

  2. Edward F Sweeney Jr says:

    The ghosts of Christmas are the thoughts of what we could have ..or should have done in our past. After living through 3 storkes in March and forced to change ones life – you start to miss or look with jealous thoughts at people who have the ability to do things you no longer can.

    As I sit upon my porch and watch the people jog past my house and stare at them with envey. ON MY BEST day I can run or jog about 4 or 6 steps before falling down.

    I start to think of my past abilities and my holiday celerbrations and realize I can not find joy in my memories. I had spent all my energy and dreams upon my walking up from my third stroke while in the hospital room. The greatest gift was being able to breath and feel pain. I was happier than I ever was and my new outlook is ” At least I am alive”

    So you see the holidays fail compared to BREATHING. The ghosts are not realizing that I was carefree before ,now I appreciate everything.

  3. Paul Berge says:

    Wonderful Christmas at the Rock story, Dick. Thanks.

  4. Bob says:

    Hi DIck
    Last year you asked for our stories and I sent you one that is near and dear to me, this year I have no such story just a stark realization that I, while trying all these years not to be like my dad and have to give up family time to support family, I have missed so much. I applaud you and Lady Wonder for taking time for each other. This year for the first time in over 25 years I will be home for more then one day at Christmas.
    Cheers my dear friend(s)!