Avoid Pimple-People-Hood

Big Louie, his own bad self has always said that membership in the Louie Louie Generation isn’t based on age. It’s about putting some sweat and spark and smiles into your life, no matter what happens to be your age. It’s “In the ‘Tude, dude.” I’ve told you in my book, Staying Happy Healthy And Hot (available at Amazon) that the thing that makes Louie-Louie generation guys the bedmates of choice for so many supermodels, and other beautiful and successful women is our gentlemanly charm, our poise and grace, and the fact that some of us have paid off our nice cars, a house, and maybe a boat or airplane.

So if you are a guy struggling to overcome the limitations of your youth, let me give you the top 20 list of specific things you can do to help you acquire a little more grace and charm, in your struggle to achieve full fledged Louie-Louie Guy hood. By the way, you’ll find these listed in Chapter 46 of Staying Happy Healthy And Hot.

#20- If you’re going to wear a baseball cap, unless you are an actual catcher in full uniform and the game is still going on, wear your cap peak front like a human. #19 – Unless you have religious reasons for wearing your cap indoors, take it off when you walk into a restaurant with a lady. #18- You don’t necessarily have to wear a jacket and tie, but don’t show up looking like Barney Rubble, one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or an Elton John impersonator who was left out in the rain overnight. #17 And speaking of adornment, earrings look lovely on the ladies. Especially the dangle ones. But earrings make you look like the Pirates of the Carribean just voted you off the island. #16- When a lady trusts you enough to grace you with her presence in your car, open the door for her and help her in. #15 – Then when you get where you’re going, reverse the process. Jump out of the driver’s seat, open the door and help her out. (Be ready to catch her if she faints from the shock.) #14- When you’re on a date, do not take cell phone calls. And do not make outgoing cell phone calls either. Some guys think that makes them look important. It doesn’t. It makes them look like idiots. #13- Ditch your favorite lines, lies and general B.S. Ladies are smart, and honesty is a turn on for a lady. #12 Read a paper or magazine that has nothing to do with your favorite sports team so you have something that has nothing to do with spikes, sneakers or cleats to talk about with her. #11 – Brush your teeth. Or if you are a hockey goalie…be sure your teeth are properly installed and turned in the right direction. #10- Take a shower and change your socks and underwear. Contrary to what your buddies may tell you, sweat is not a turn on to most ladies. #9- One or two beers is probably ok. More than that and you are over the lady limit. # 8 Show up for the date on time according to whatever actual time zone you were in when you made the date. #7- Shut up and listen to what the lady is saying. Try to understand not only the words but how she feels about what she’s telling you. If she’s upset because her cat died, even if you’re kinda glad because the damn cat was a drag…she’s not glad. So be genuinely not glad with her. #6- You won’t understand everything she says, but the key words here are “listen, feel and genuine.” #5- When out with a lady, keep your fingers and your eyes off other hotties. #4  Do not sit in your car and blow your horn for her. Ring the bell, smile, and escort her to the car. #3- Bring her some small surprise. Doesn’t have to be a dozen roses…a dandelion you picked from the lawn is fine. #2 She has done something to make herself look especially pretty for you. Figure out what it is and compliment her on it. #1- Always protect her. Job number one. Make her feel safe, and relaxed, and beautiful.

Do these things. Make Big Louie proud.

Dick’s Details Quiz – All answers are available in the current podcast.

1- What do you have to watch out for on your date’s personal person?

2- If more Americans went to a dentist, what would we call a tooth brush?

3- What parts of some folks might last for 50,000 years ?


3- right – A Louie-Louie Generation Charmer.

2- right – A rock star.

1- right – A movie star.

0- right – Mickey Mouse.

There’s a story in the Night Connections Personal Audio cd about a Louie-Louie generation guy who overcomes the natural shortcomings of his guy-hood to make his lady glad she picked him over some pretty stiff competition. It’s called “A Disorganized Husband.” There are some more tips in there, as endorsed by the Big Louie Institute of Figuring Things Out. If you like, you can just listen to it in the current podcast or if you want a fresh copy, just go to www.dicksummer dot com, and check out the Night Connections icon on the home page.

Looks like Big Louie has just given you some important answers to how you can become a genuine Louie Louie Generation guy. But here are a couple of a quick questions about other concerns that have been bothering me. If you know the answers, please drop me an email at dick at dick summer dot com. Howcome…if there’s a receptionist… why isn’t there a rejectionist? How come if some people are disgruntled, you never hear about anybody who’s gruntled? Why do we park on a drive way, and drive on a parkway? Huh? Tell me. Dick@dicksummer.com . Would love to hear from you.


2 Responses to “Avoid Pimple-People-Hood”

  1. Betsy says:

    All good advice but what about the men, what do they want from us?

  2. dick butler says:

    The answer to park in a drivway etc. Is easy
    If you drive in the driveway you hit the garage and your in the dog house.
    If you park on a parkway you get hit by the one who does know the difference.