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Hey Dick,

Been listening to some archives and think you are right on with what you said  in the podcast “Sleeping Together” re the media and money.    At least prostitutes who sell their body are honest and up front about what they do.   Yes, it’s hypocrisy that deserves contempt.   Right on.
Loved the podcast “Merry Christmas” from Dec of 2008– the memories of your first Christmas with Wonder Wench and of your late father, who I can tell you adored.  That twitch he got in his mustache when he played that real low note on the organ — maybe that’s where you get the twitch in your eyebrow. 😉   And your plane ride on Christmas Eve — sounds magical.
Forget which one it was, but you talked about your crazy neighbors and the practical jokes ya’ll play. (sounds like a fun neighborhood you live in.) 😉    Reminded me of a practical joke that George Clooney played on one of his friends.  He was taking care of his friend’s cat and right before the friend got home, George cleaned out the litter box and then, how should I say this,  did his thing in there and covered it up so that his friend would wonder what the heck his cat had been eating, and how much!! 😉  If you tell Wonder Wench this  maybe the thought of that scene will disrupt  those daydreams of hers. 😉
Loved your son David‘s instrumental Christmas music  — wonder if he arranged it too.  He must be very right and left brained to be a computer programmer and also so creative.  BTW, you said there would be no podcast without him, so would you please give him a great big thank you for me??
And the history of Silent Night —  never knew that.  What a neat story and a lovely song.
“One Hit Wonders” was really good too.  I’m sure learning a lot! 😉  Always thought “Duke of Earl” was a cool song.
ps– Re the last podcast, there’s also the Puffy shirt, if you’ve ever watched Seinfeld.  Course, as Andrea pointed out, it’s not really about a shirt.

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  1. andrea d. wiener says:

    “…Course, as Andrea pointed out, it’s not really about a shirt….”

    I agree… 🙂