Ok, so it snowed. I slogged over the the shed, got the shovel out…did some grunting and groaning…got the driveway done…AND PUT THE SHOVEL BACK IN THE DAMN SHED !!

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  1. aliasJean Fox says:


    I didn’t get the chance to tell you that you should remember that there’s always at least
    ONE good snowstorm before Easter in the northeast! There’s no need to put the snowshovel
    away until Memorial Day…… *just in case* —
    Out here in the northwest today the winter wheat is turning green, even though there’s
    snow forecast for elevations over 3,000 feet tonight. I walked around in shirtsleeves in
    50 degrees today. So keep the shovel in the shed and triptoe through the drifties when the
    pre-Easter storm hits! 😉

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Hehe… remember the old story about Don Kent:

    He recived a note saying

    “Dear Don,
    loved your forcast the other day!

    PS. I just finished shoveling 8 inches of partly cloudy out of my driveway…

  3. aliasJean Fox says:

    I remember that! — I wrote a poem about it. It ends with “and as I look into the sky, three feet of partly cloudy drift by”.
    But I did like Don Kent — Loved his drawings on the weather map. This was way before the bluescreen was used …….

  4. Don Miller says:

    Why is it that we can watch children play and smile? Is it because watching kids play is releasing our inner child and something urges that inner child to go play? With the way things are today do we hide that inner child? Could be, but maybe if with let that inner child out a little more, some of the problems of the day won’t be as hard to deal with or maybe go away.
    I let my inner child romp every once in a while. One it feels good to do it, second many of the folks who come in contact with me smile a little smile. Maybe they fell a little better and hear their inner child call them to come play.
    Play, as we get older we do it less and less, why i that? I know if I go out and fly my stunt kite, I return home feeling so much better. Swooping down from the sky flying over the heads of people, I see them smile and point to their it out to their children. Inside is their inner child jumping up and down, like their child or grandchild is? I know I’m having fun. I hope they are also.
    Letting your inner child out at times I think is a good thing, a very good thing.