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Your Google Giggle

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

I’m sitting here in my big, black, comfortable leather, Pappa Chair in my living room n complete shock. I just Googled myself. They know more about me than I know about myself. And lots of it is true. It’s almost spooky. If you haven’t googled yourself, try it. Go to Google dot com, and type in your name and stand back. They even have pictures of your house. I told my Lady Wonder Wench no more sunbathing in the back yard.

Google lurks somewhere down deep inside your computer. And it knows everything. It’s like the wise guy who sits on the mountain top and tells you that the true meaning of life is that A wet bird doesn’t fly at night. Or that little voice in your head that you hear when you screw up, the one that keeps saying  told you so.



Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

How sad is it that that A-320 went down in the ocean with all those lives. Some of the reporting doesn’t make sense to me. No pilot in his right mind would fly into a thunderstorm so intense that it would pull the plane apart…and many thunderstorms can do that. On board radar, and downloaded NEXRAD were both available in the cockpit…and from all reports the pilots were aces. As far as the terrorist theory…if the bad guys had brought it down, wouldn’t they be crowing like crazy by now ?

Enough sad stuff. Flying is about freedom, and beauty and power…and more than a few dreams. Here’s another pretty neat response to the podcast:


Summertime is quite a connector

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

This is about connections. And Summertime is quite a connector. Check this out from Dave:


Fun topic, as May eases into June (hope he buys her dinner at least!). I grew up in Bayonne, NJ, and for me, born in 1956, childhood was approximately 1961-1974. I think Bayonne at the time was not all that different from parts of Brooklyn. I am just going to free associate, take another sip of Bushmills, and let the images flow….

The empty lot next to my house was bordered by very tall flowering hedges that attracted honeybees. I’d catch them in a jar and study them through the glass with a hand lens. My Mom always admonished me to release them unharmed. To this day I can’t kill most bugs.


Comments on Flying

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Some great comments on flying. For example:

Dick,  I had to chuckle when you said that most pilots, when not flying, are at some little airport flying their own planes.  My friend’s husband Bob, who flies for United, is almost done building a hanger at a small airport about 30 miles from Denver International.  He has included a living area so he can sleep with his plane. 😉

When you mentioned having an instrument rating, if the reports I read were correct, that is what John Kennedy Jr. did not  have, and yet he flew into a storm, causing the parents of those girls to lose 2 of their 3 children.