“Dickie’s Quickies” 1-16-09

Capt. Sully’s biggest triumph in the “Miracle on the Hudson” was putting that big swept wing plane down so gently he didn’t even spill his coffee. But a close second triumph was not trying to turn back to the airport. He didn’t have enough altitude to make a reasonable turn, and an unreasonably hard turn would have resulted in a stall and a spin…and a very different outcome for everybody on the plane, and on the ground under him. “Big Louie” his own bad self is pround of another “Louie – Louie Generation” guy what had it when it counts. Several comments from pilot friends by e-mail. The best is this one:

With luck, maybe I’ll get to make a perfect emergency water-landing in a river this year, rescue my planeload of people, and spend the balance of my life and career doling out my “cash and prizes” to adoring young females in short, black, clingy dresses.  (Chesley B. “Sully”  Sullenberger’s career is about to take a huge upward turn.  And, if you will remember, “Sully” was the nickname of Jonathan Livingston Seagull’s star student in Richard Bach’s most famous book.)
Most pilots have heaps of healthy hormones.

Stay warm. Somehow. dick(ie)

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  1. aliasJean Fox says:

    And Sully was the name of hunky Dr. Quinn’s enamorato/husband (“Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman” TV show of yore). Outstanding pilot thinking! Hats off to a Viet vet with a good heart and great mind.