Dick-ette – October 14

Almost got thrown out of the hardware store today for ordering paint for my back deck. You could hear the dis-STAIN in the guy’s voice as he almost screeched…YOU DON’T PAINT A DECK !!! It’s my deck. And I’ll paint if if I want. I’m painting it… Lady Wonder Wench Blue… like her eyes. And by the way…since when did a back porch become a Deck ? It’s a porch. In The Holy City of Brooklyn it would be a stoop. In Brooklyn a porch is a car. What’s the matter with these people ?

More on this in the next podcast in a few days. Meanwhile… try www.dicksummer.com/podcast/latest

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  1. Lisa says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dis-stain……… lol, that was something else!
    I being so what from NY knew about the stoop, but what the heck is a porch car????

    hello to LWW, and I think blue would be nice too.