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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 727Oct 25, 2020My Porno Religion Channel
I think I've found a way to produce a Porno-Religion Cable TV channel. This podcast explains how I'd do it. The commercials might include things like this: Come...and pray...with us...and don't forget to contribute as much as you the Lord!
Episode 726Oct 18, 2020The Tiny Dancer and The Mustache
She didn't recognize me...after all these years. Just because she hadn't seen me wearing a mustache. Little tiny hairs on the upper lip was all it took for a masterful surprise. This podcast explains how she actually swung her handbag at me...and missed...and what I did in return. Give a listen please. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.
Episode 725Oct 11, 2020Midtown Manhattan Ladies
Doing a late night radio show at NBC Radio's headquarters...30 Rock Center in Manhattan was an EDUCATION in more than just doing national radio. It was an education in what to do when groups of beautiful young women wanted to have sex, but my Lady Wonder Wench's picture kept popping up in my head. If some of you guys have a similar problem, you might learn some interesting lessons from listening. And if some of you ladies might be concerned about what your guys are doing in the middle of the night...maybe you should give a listen too.
Episode 724Oct 04, 2020More Gum Control
So many politicians, preachers and pushers of all kinds...all yammering away at us headaches...and heartaches. We need some really strict new gum controls to get these people to back off. Please give a listen to this podcast. It won't add your voice to the ear splitting din.
Episode 723Sep 27, 2020My Happy Hat
It's a floppy fedora. When I put it on I can HEAR a song. And Indiana Jones rides again. Indy wasn't a super hero. He was a basic, plain guy who might have been from my Bay Ridge Brooklyn neighborhood back in, "The Day." Except for that whip. Give a listen. It may put an imaginary Happy Hat on you too.
Episode 722Sep 20, 2020That's Love
Once upon a time, I did a syndicated radio show called, "That's Love." It was a long time ago...around the time I got my Lady Wonder Wench to run off with me to New York. I thought I had some pretty good answers to the subject of love, but Proud Podcast Person Deirdre Meritt sent me a bunch of answers from some 4 to 8 year old kids that sure beat what I had to offer. And some of them were just magic. The most magical are in this podcast.
Episode 721Sep 13, 2020Do You Too
I sent the message before, but I'm not sure I made it forcefully enough. There's a very powerful letter in this podcast. Maybe you have a better answer for the woman who wrote it, than I gave her in the podcast. If so...please send it to, and I'll pass it on to her. It's a GREAT question. And she needs a GREAT answer.
Episode 720Sep 06, 2020All Night Survival
All Night Survival
Episode 719Aug 30, 2020A Little Applause Please
I've always been a big fan of Peter Pan..."The boy who wouldn't grow up." Actually, I'm even more a fan of "Tinkerbelle" the fairy. She was hugely in love with Peter, but he wasn't having any of her, because he knew his girlfriend "Wendy" wouldn't appreciate it. The thing that's wonderful about "Tink" is that she knows Peter desperately needs some of her fairy dust. And she gives him almost all she the point that she's so weak she could die. And the only thing that can help her is when you clap for her...that renews her stash of fairy dust. That's pretty generous. I like generous. This podcast explains how you can help "Tink" along with me...if you are so inclined. Please do.
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