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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 722Sep 20, 2020That's Love
Once upon a time, I did a syndicated radio show called, "That's Love." It was a long time ago...around the time I got my Lady Wonder Wench to run off with me to New York. I thought I had some pretty good answers to the subject of love, but Proud Podcast Person Deirdre Meritt sent me a bunch of answers from some 4 to 8 year old kids that sure beat what I had to offer. And some of them were just magic. The most magical are in this podcast.
Episode 721Sep 13, 2020Do You Too
I sent the message before, but I'm not sure I made it forcefully enough. There's a very powerful letter in this podcast. Maybe you have a better answer for the woman who wrote it, than I gave her in the podcast. If so...please send it to, and I'll pass it on to her. It's a GREAT question. And she needs a GREAT answer.
Episode 720Sep 06, 2020All Night Survival
All Night Survival
Episode 719Aug 30, 2020A Little Applause Please
I've always been a big fan of Peter Pan..."The boy who wouldn't grow up." Actually, I'm even more a fan of "Tinkerbelle" the fairy. She was hugely in love with Peter, but he wasn't having any of her, because he knew his girlfriend "Wendy" wouldn't appreciate it. The thing that's wonderful about "Tink" is that she knows Peter desperately needs some of her fairy dust. And she gives him almost all she the point that she's so weak she could die. And the only thing that can help her is when you clap for her...that renews her stash of fairy dust. That's pretty generous. I like generous. This podcast explains how you can help "Tink" along with me...if you are so inclined. Please do.
Episode 718Aug 23, 2020Whatever You Want
They were the second most dangerous words I ever heard. Because looking at her, I knew very well what I wanted. And eventually, she said THE MOST DANGEROUS WORD I'VE EVER HEARD. And it's in this podcast.
Episode 717Aug 16, 2020Getting Re-Gruntled
GRRRR! seems to be the word of the day. We need to get re-Gruntled. When you un-plug your computer you are dis-connected. When your blood pressure is zooming, you're red in the face, and you're screaming at somebody, you are dis-gruntled. This podcast will help you get gruntled again. Give a listen.
Episode 716Aug 09, 2020A Flash Of Female Hi Voltage
If last week's podcast created a certain level of female dis-gruntle-ment, let's get the ladies gruntled again with this podcast. It's about the discovery of a very high voltage shot of Female High Voltage. I don't think most of you ladies have any idea of how that powers so many of us guys. Give a listen, and let me know please. My email is
Episode 715Aug 02, 2020Here's What I Really Believe
Amy was a little kid who never caught a break...until the last hour of her life. It made me think of what I treasure most about life. The "Gratitude Attitude" at work. Sometimes you've got to really think why an all powerful, all loving God would give a nice little kid like Amy something as terrible as Systic Fibrosis. Then it hit me...HARD. Give a listen to this podcast please. Maybe it will hit you just hard give God a break.
Episode 714Jul 26, 2020How Lady Wonder Wench Got Her New Name
It was on a lovely day at a Met's Spring Training game in Florida that it happened. He all of a sudden squeezed my hand hard...right in front of all those people. Give a listen please.
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