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"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 751Apr 11, 2021National Condom Day
This Saturday is National Condom day. It's sponsored by the Trojan Condom company. That's an interesting name for a condom company. Trojan. It reminds me of the famous trojan horse...which managed to sneak into a closed up castle...that Trojan horse made it possible for a bunch of guys to have a very sexy day.
National Condom day is this Saturday. Can you imagine the parade with all those floats? Unfortunately, lots of women will only fake celebrating National Condom day. My Lady Wonder Wench says lots of women fake orgasms because lots of guys fake foreplay. Probably the most famous one liner about orgasams is attributed to Milton Berle. He supposedly said, "Two guys are talking...and one of them askes the other...'do you and your wife have mutual climax?' And the other guy says, 'no we have Prudential." Badda Bumm. Just calling that 7th day of the week Saturday is giving praise to a pagan god, by the way. And as you know, pagans were pretty sexy. In fact all the days of the week are named after sexy pagan gods.
Listen to this podcast and you'll find out to whom you are praying when you say the names of the days of the week.
Episode 750Apr 04, 2021Some Sexy Stories
Some stories are sexier than others. This podcast is about Mr. Story Man's stories. They're sexy. So sexy that my Lady Wonder Wench lets him un-dress her for bed every night so she can enjoy another of his sexy stories. And I don't mind a bit. Give a listen so you can understand why I don't mind.
Episode 749Mar 28, 2021Big Memories
What are your biggest memories? Please send them to me at We'll use some in next week's podcast.
Episode 748Mar 21, 2021Targeting The Tear Mongers
In our constant struggle to save the world, and keep Victoria's Secret from falling into the wrong hands...the ones with the cold fingertips, this podcast encourages you to launch your whistle missile...and it explains how to do that. So pucker up.
Episode 747Mar 14, 2021Grabbing The Goodies
Grabbing the Goodies is about taking the good stuff in your life right away instead of taking a chance on letting the window of opportunity close on your fingers. Windows of opportunity usually come in they did this day for me. Jump into this podcast with me. But do it now...before it's too late.
Episode 746Mar 07, 2021Fight Truth Decay
Time to fight truth decay. I am sitting here in my big, confortable, manly, black leather poppa chair in my living room, and I'm reading a note from my friend Paul. He says, Annie and I are pregnant. BS. Annie is pregnant and Paul you're scared spitless...because now Annie wants to actually get married. Fight Truth Decay with all your might, Paul. Honesty = the truth + maybe is what it says in my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot...available at Amazon dot com...shameless plug.
The truth here is that Paul has been hard at work for almost all get Annie pregnant. But the maybe here is the question of was there was some small personal benefit in it for Paul too. Maybe it was more than just work, work, work in the usual sense of the know? I mean there are those of us who might say about Paul, "aw...the boobie." Fight truth decay. Working hard all year to get Annie pregnant is what I'd call an outstanding case of needing some heavy duty "maybe" to learn the honesty of why Paul actually did all that work, work work. All of this and MUCH MORE is in this podcast. Give it a listen please. And...join in the fight.
Episode 745Feb 28, 2021HUH?
"No matter how hard they try, scientists admit they cannot teach houseflies to do tricks." Seriously. That was a headline recently in the Drudge Report. "Huh?" You know how long it takes, and how much money it costs for you to earn a white lab you and a bunch of similarly white lab coat clad buddies are spending your time trying to teach houseflies to do tricks? And then you probably send that conclusion to be peer reviewed. "We even used double blind experiments, and the little suckers just wouldn't shake hands." We need more Huh? in our lives. There's a lesson we can learn from the famous story of the princess and the frog that will help you get ladies attention at a "singles" affair, and lots of other stuff you should enjoy in this podcast…including a freebie.
Episode 744Feb 21, 2021PSB&D
PSB&D is pushups, sleeping, breathing, and drinking...the things I understand in my life. Maybe you understand them too. But there are so many things I don't understand in this podcast. Maybe you can clear some of them up for me.
Episode 743Feb 14, 2021Shared Bodily Warmth
February is COLD. That's why it's called FebRRRRuary. Although some less informed people leave out the "R" and just call it "Febuary." So considering the temperature, it seems to me that it's just being kind to share some of your bodily warmth with someone who seems...chilly. Bodily speaking of course. Please drop me an email and confirm that you have done so. STAY WARM.
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