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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 705May 24, 20202020 Summer
This podcast was recorded a year or so ago. And I hope our Summer Hopes are as high as this again...maybe next year.
Episode 704May 17, 2020One More Pound
It's "Just" one more pound...the difference between 189 & 190. But that one pound me. This podcast explains why 16 ounces makes such a difference in my head as well as in my gut. If you've been hiding out and raiding the may find yourself here.
Episode 703May 10, 2020Size Doesn't Matter
Size doesn't matter nearly as much as how brightly you shine. Life is tough and confusing right now. Most people are going dark. This podcast says, "That means it's a great time to turn up your shine." It takes a little guts, but it's worth the effort.
Episode 702May 03, 2020Good Old Car
I'm set to drive for another year. That's not the real reason for this podcast, but it is a fact. My good old car passed the state inspection...for the 16th time.
My good old car is a little like me. It's old but it still works just fine. They tried to tell me there was a problem because of all the smoke belching out of the exhaust, but I told them that was a safety feature I installed.
I told them there's so much smoke coming out of the exhaust that nobody rides my bumper. They kinda scratched their heads till I showed them my insurance papers. I'm insured against collision, theft, and raiding hordes of Vikings. Give a listen to find out what this podcast is really all about.
Episode 701Apr 26, 2020Carefree Coffee Consumer
I am a carefree, confident, coffee consumer. I like coffee hot or cold, today's, yesterday's or last week' long as there's no crust on top. But some people go overboard about coffee. They talk about coffee like wine experts talk about wine...You've heard them. "Hey...this bordeau has nice legs." What the heck does that mean? Wine is made from grapes. If a grape has been around long enough to grow legs, it's been around way too long...I'm not having anything to do with it. Go to a nice restaurant, and they go un-necessarily crazy over your coffee. "May I warm this up for you?" Sure. Do you have Coffee is good hot or cold, today's, yesterdays or last weeks. As long as it doesn't have a crust on top. Today's podcast says just relax and enjoy it.
Episode 700Apr 19, 2020Fondling Your Forehead
Time to tell your sexy friends...after hours and hours of exhaustive research, I have just found your new sexy spot. Your orbito frontal cortex is your new"Sexy spot...your new Private Part." Your new sexy spot orbito frontal cortex is on your forehead just over your eyebrows. And it's directly connected to your limbic system. YOUR LIMBIC SYSTEM. That's the sexiest part of your whole brain. Your new sexy spot orbito frontal cortex is right above your eyebrows. Speaking of eyebrows, all hair...including eyebrows, grows in what's called follicules. So if your new sexy spot is right over your hairy eyebrows, I can imagine it will eventually cause guys in singles bars to slide over to you ladies and say "Hello. I couldn't help noticing your eyes. Your eyes are as blue as the water in my toilet bowl. Do you mind if I fondle your dear?" Find out about this amazing discovery by giving this podcast a listen.
Episode 699Apr 12, 2020Going For a Drive
My buddy Al just said a very funny thing about my computer. He said "you should turn it in to become a boat anchor." I've had my computer for a long time, and I was having trouble understanding why I'd want to use it as a boat anchor. Then he told me somethig really surprising. He said I shouldn't have to shovel coal into my compter any more. He said they make computers now that not only don't run on coal power, he said you don't even have to turn the crank to make them work. He said you just plug them into the socket on the wall and hit the start button and the screen comes on. He claims his computer even has a battery, and when that battery wears down, he does't throw it away, he leaves it connected to the wall outlet and it charges itself back up. Hard to believe. The rest of this podcast may be even harder to believe. Give a listen please.
Episode 698Apr 05, 2020Things On Your Mind
I keep hearing a very deep voice coming down from the sky saying, You tick me off. Go to your room and stay there till I tell you to come out. I keep hearing that over and over again these days. Lots of bad stuff going on right now. Everybody's talking about it. Actually, most people are emailing or texting about it...because very few people are talking to each other any more. I really hope God has as comfortable a black, manly, leather poppa chair in His living room, as I do. Because I think I just heard that deep voice saying, "You tick me off. Look what you've been doing to this lovely place I gave you. And look what you've been doing to each other. Go to your room, and don't come out till I call for you." This podcast should be a help when you're feeling like that voice is speaking to you. Give a listen please.
Episode 697Mar 29, 2020Mighty Mickey
The virus is getting out of hand, and I don't like being bitten on the hand any more than you do. So this podcast will take your mind off it for a few minutes re-telling you the true story of a night of terror that happened to me. And since it was MY terror, YOU might get a little chuckle out of it.
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