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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 647Apr 14, 2019What Are You Doing?
Are you doing what you want to do? Or are you doing what THEY want you to do. Comon. Give a listen to this podcast. It might help you take control and do your life "YOUR WAY".
Episode 646Apr 07, 2019The Toxic Masculinity Myth
Toxic masculinity is fake news. No kidding. I have to confess that I must ooze masculinity. My ring finger is about a knuckle longer than my index finger, which proves I have testosterone to spare. Seriously. Today's podcast admits that's one of the tests for masculinity the doctors are talking about...when your index finger is longer than your pointer finger you have excess testosterone. You guys are checking that out now, aren't you. Evidently another test is when a man gets a really hot kiss, a couple parts of his body tend to swell up…like his ear lobes. What did you think I was going to say? That's also true. It's a proven fact that when a woman gives a guy a 300 degree wet kiss his earlobes are among the many parts of his body that tend to swell up. I suggest you ladies get your guy to put his best face forward and check it out. I also do lots of manly exercising, because I want my muscles to be big and hard. I never had a girlfriend by the name of Alice, but if I did, when I went to see Alice I'd want to hear her say, "I'm glad you exercise, because a hard man nowadays is good to find."
Episode 645Mar 31, 2019Collusion
This news just in: Russia has experienced such a large drop in their birth rate that they now have a holiday on June 12th called "The Day of Conception." I am not making this up. It says here, "On this day couples are given a half a day off from work to procreate...and it works. And the birthrate around the middle of March, 9 months from Conception day in Russia, has tripled. To make things even more fun, couples who give birth closest to March 12th, exactly 9 months from Conception day, are given prizes including cars, cash and appliances." I think it may be time to seriously consider collusion with the Russians. Can you imagine the parades and the floats on Conception Day?
Episode 644Mar 24, 2019Connections
Lots of folks are lonely. And that's not good for body or mind. It's as bad as obesity, or smoking 15 cigaretts a day...and it sucks the life out of your life. This podcast is a move in the direction of getting...un-lonely.
Episode 643Mar 17, 2019The Color Of Your Sex
Big article in Maxim magazine: What Does It Mean To Be A Man In Today's World? Huh?? My sister in law Peggy says it's either Pink or Blue. It's not complicated. Give a listen and become "Enlightened."
Episode 642Mar 10, 2019Prowling With Tom
The beginning, the middle and the end of a love are in this podcast. Also a story about prowling through a modern love affair. Give a listen, and prowl along with me.
Episode 641Mar 03, 2019Hot Passion & Cold Fear
The middle of the night is the time for Hot Passion & Cold Fear. This Goodnight podcast should give you a shot of both.
Episode 640Feb 24, 2019Getting Ready To Spring
February is when Mother Nature crouches down, ready to Spring. This podcast encourages us to crouch down, and get ready with her. It won't be long now till Mother Nature Springs up with lovely flowers in her hair.
Episode 639Feb 17, 2019God Says FebRRRuary
If you were God, and you wanted to make a month as uncomfortable as August, but cold instead of hot, so you made February, (with the brrrr in it for the cold) but people kept calling it FebUary, you'd be ticked wouldn't you? SO this podcast says, "DON'T GET GOD TICKED." Repeat after me. FEB-RRR-UARY. Thank you.
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