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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 697Mar 29, 2020Mighty Mickey
The virus is getting out of hand, and I don't like being bitten on the hand any more than you do. So this podcast will take your mind off it for a few minutes re-telling you the true story of a night of terror that happened to me. And since it was MY terror, YOU might get a little chuckle out of it.
Episode 696Mar 22, 2020Our Fear History
We've had lots of big fears before...and we made It through. We'll make it through this one too. This podcast may refresh your memory, and give your confidence a boost. I hope it does.
Episode 695Mar 15, 2020You Beast
A lot of women are screaming "You Beast" at a lot of guys these days. And it's a justified accusation in lots, if not most cases. But not in the case of a big time News Network TV guy who was just hounded out of work. He's a news guy. Who, what, where, when, & why are the three "W" s of any news story. And the most important of them is Why. The Why is the motivation motor. Why did the President issue those pardons? Why does the drug store always put the prescription desk at the back of the store? Motivation. Why did General George Washington tell his men to "Burn the boats" on that godawful cold Christmas Eve long ago, when they were about to attack Trenton? What was his real motivation. It's the motive that counts most with how we really understand things. This podcast gets into motives.
Episode 694Mar 08, 2020Homo Sapiens
I think Homo Sapiens is a good name for today's humans. This podcast is full of reasons why Homo SMARTiens doesn't fit the species. But it also contains some thoughts for some of us who are feeling insignificant. It's called "You Shine." Give this podcast a listen, please.
Episode 693Mar 01, 2020Classy Clicking
When my Lady Wonder Wench's fingernails are clicking, I want to rip off my shirt and back up into the sound...and the feeling...because my BACK NEEDS THAT KIND OF ATTENTION. As I have slid further and further into Louie Louie Generation Guy-Hood, my back needs more and more SCRATCHING. This podcast explains, and it also contains a story about...Tears...for a very special Proud Podcast Person. Please give a listen.
Episode 692Feb 23, 2020Why Guys Can't Grow Up
Many people of all generations who are not guys will sometimes call those of us who are Louie Louie Generation guys "Maturity Challenged." And they're right. But as this podcast explains, it's not our fault. The "Big Louie Institute for Fooling Around and Figuring Most Things Out" released a report recently that explains the whole thing.
The report notes that a guy's brain is swimming in a sea of testosterone, which gives him a deep voice, a beard, and a hand just the right size for using a TV remote. The testosterone in which his brain swims also absorbs some of the shocks of life that sometimes hit him right in the head. Like a baseball, an unexpected blast of Yanni's music, or high levels of verbal communication.
Now please remember, testosterone is a preservative. And what does a preservative do? It keeps meat and stuff from growing old and gnarly. And, of course, growing is another word for maturing. So naturally, a brain swimming in testosterone simply cannot grow and mature. It's not our fault. We're only guys. We do the best we can with what we have to work with.
Episode 691Feb 16, 2020Research
Which came first, the chicken or the egg. Don't take chances. RESEARCH. Go to your local McDonalds and order an egg McMuffin and a McChicken at the same time, and research which arrives first.
Many people think the only thing men want in a relationship is sex. I've researched that, and I've found that sex isn't the only thing men want. They also want their laundry done. This podcast emphasizes the role of RESEARCH in our lives. Give a listen please. Research it.
Episode 690Feb 09, 2020Valentine's Day Aural Sex
Aural Sex is words. This podcast is about the proper use of Aural Sex, because most of the time now it's ignored. What a waste. If there's ever a time to use Aural Sex, it's Valentine's Day. You'll also hear a little of the history of Valentine's day in this podcast. So give a listen please.
Episode 689Feb 02, 2020Jalopy Joys
Any real Big Ciy Louie-Louie Generation guys can probably remember sitting on the stoop with some guys singing Doo Wop...including a doo wop version of Louie-Louie. They'll also remember stick ball, and maybe even Buck Buck (You will if you grew up in Brooklyn.) This podcast will take you back to the days of your first car, and "Step on a crack and you'll break your mother's back." AND IT WILL EXPLAIN HOW SEX 3 TIME A WEEK WILL MAKE YOU LIVE LONGER. Give a listen. Grab a grin.
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