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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 840Jan 29, 2023It's Cold Outside
I'm sure you've noticed the icicles on people's eyelids, and the chunks of coffee in people's Dunkin Donuts coffee cups, and the flashers just describing themselves, and the chicken laying her eggs from a standing position. IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. How cold is it? You'll have to listen to this podcast to find out.
Episode 839Jan 15, 2023Maturity Is A Trap
A new pair of gloves was the..."TRIGGER." They made me stand up straight, speak clearly but forcefully, and in a friendly voice, they suggested that I should stop messing around AND GO BACK TO WORK. Can't have that now, guys...can we? Give a listen to this podcast and let me know what you think.
Episode 838Jan 08, 2023Help, I'm Shrinking
The pretty nurse measured me, smiled and said "You're not as big as you told me you are." This podcast says..."Deal with it guys." And it also explains how I think you should do that. Give a listen if you've just been cut down to size, or if you need to do some careful cutting.
Episode 837Jan 01, 2023Happy every New Year
Happy New Year! No REALLY! There were times this past year when I wasn't sure we were going to make it this time. But we did. And we did it TOGETHER. Look at us!!! This podcast is about first today...and some firsts from lots of years ago. Maybe you had some of the same firsts that I did. Hey...find out. Give a listen even if you never did before.
Episode 836Dec 25, 2022A Real Christmas
This podcast explains what you call a bunch of chess fanatics boasting about their game in an open hotel lobby. (Chess nuts boasting by an open foyer.) And what does an angel say to you on Christmas day? (He looks you right in the eye, and he says, "Hey-lo.)" You've got to say that one out loud for it to work. You'll also want to know why you don't want to get a Christmas card in Georgia. Get informed. Give a listen. And Merry Christmas.
Episode 835Dec 18, 2022Start Making A Mark With Hark
So how often do you start your statements with the word, "So?" Well lets do something about that to make your statements...swell with, "Well". Or better yet take a tip from the Herald Angels, and use the word, "Hark." Look how that word got all mankind's attention all those years ago. This podcast explains how to make your mark with the word, "Hark." So...give a listen and take a tip.
Episode 834Dec 11, 2022Christmas Stories Part 2
More of the old stories of Christmas, plus one story about a mouse that was "Stirring around the house." Please give a listen. And Merry Christmas, Happy Hannauchkka, sterling Solstice and a Complete Kwanza to you.
Episode 833Dec 04, 2022A Christmas Story
Christmas is a very old story, but it always gets my attention. This podcast is about a Christmas I'll never forget. AND it's about a couple of ideas you may want to try for Christmas this year. Give a listen please.
Episode 832Nov 27, 2022After-Play
Your 6 personal love gears are Neutral, Pre Fore Play, Fore Play, Play, After Play and Reverse. This podcast explains how and why to stay out of Reverse. YOU DON'T WANT TO SLIP INTO REVERSE! Give a listen!
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