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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 630Dec 16, 2018To Holy Hell With Well
To Holy Hell With Well I say. Instead...Start The Spark With Hark! At least for the Christmas season, when somebody asks you a question, don't start your answer with the word "well." Use the word "Hark" instead. It will get people's attention better. Think what it did for the Herald Angels. They even got away with rhyming "proclaim" with "Bethleheim." As in "Hark, the the Herald Hosts proclaim, Christ is born in Bethlehem." If you start your answer with "Hark" instead of "Well" think of the attention your answer will get. As in "Hark, yes I'm pregnant." "Hark, no there'll be no raises this year." Then you can don your gay attire and go for a ride in a one horse open sleigh on Rt. 95, all the while singing Fa La La La La as you go. This podscast
Episode 629Dec 09, 2018Christmas With Dave
This podcast is about Christmas, and particularly one Christmas Carol...performed by my favorite musician, my son Dave. Merry Christmas.
Episode 628Dec 02, 2018Christmas A List
This podcast is about Christmas memories, hopes and fears. Some of the things we've done together, my Lady and I...and some of the things we hope to do...maybe this Christmas. My favorite Christmas story is in this podcast. I hope it might find a place in your Christmas celebration.
Episode 627Nov 25, 2018Christmas Talent
Time to ask you to hunker down and send me a note about the season...Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanza...what ever season you celebrate. What does it really mean to you. That's what this podcast is about. My email address is I'll be using your thoughts all month. Please send 'em.
Episode 626Nov 18, 2018A Men Are Saints Thanksgiving
Excess humility! That's the major challenge facing today's man. This podcast is about a Thanksgiving when I started the "Men Are Saints" campaign. (M.A.S. for short.) It started when my Lady Wonder Wench asked me to open a jar. AND I COULDN'T. But SHE DID. It was awful. She just said "I wiggled it." (The lid on the jar.) It went downhill from there. Give a listen please.
Episode 625Nov 11, 2018Virtual Reality vs Meat Reality
This podcast is about about how far your experimentation should go...when your partner is involved. Think it can't happen to you? Are you sure? Give a listen and let me know what you think. My Email is
Episode 624Nov 04, 2018Happy Hangin' Out
Americans spend an average of 110 days a year in what's called a "Dark Mood." I found an answer to that. Just roll down the car window, and hang your left elbow out in the sunshine. You'll begin to feel like the "King of the Road."
"Louie Louie Generation" folks will understand. Air conditioning was so new, bars and movie theaters advertised the fact that they had air conditioning, so you could come in and cool down while you watched a movie or sipped your suds.
Most of us who lived in big cities slept on our fire escapes on hot summer nights. I was a Coney Island life guard back then. There were fireworks every Tuesday night at Coney Island in the Summer. And sometimes the best fireworks took place under the boardwalk.
My girlfriend's name was Matilda in those days. "Girlfriending" was different back then. Matilda was heavily influenced by the teaching of Sr. Mary Knucklebuster. That teaching did not include "Hooking Up"...unfortunately for me. I was more influenced by the teaching of Hugh Heffner...which produced some less than stellar evenings in the back seat of my old car, which I bought from my friend Eddie Kelly for $25.
My plans for the future included becoming a night time disc jockey in New York, so I could hang out with big time singers and actresses, like William B. Williams did on WNEW radio. I got to do that too. I've led a "King of the Road kind of life. Today's podcast explains all that. It's called "Happily Hanging Out." Give a listen please. It might help the next time you find yourself in a "Dark Mood."
Episode 623Oct 28, 2018Hand-Some-Ness
I like to think that I'm a hand some guy. Not necessarily handsome, but definitely hand some…as in the body part you have at the end of your arm. Hand-some-ness is a fading art. One good use of your hands is rubbing your lady's feet. Another is just holding hands with your lady. I was walking down the street with my Lady Wonder Wench recently when a guy approached me with tears in his eyes, and he said, "I want to thank you for holding hands with your lady. I used to hold my wife's hand all the time. She's holding hands with the Lord now." A gentle touch on the face also sometimes gets a smile.. You understand, I'm sure. There's a story in this podcast called "Lovin' Touch." It's a touch put into words. Give a listen please. Because I really believe that "Touches are better than words, but words are better than nothing." I think way too many people's hands are full of their cell phones instead of somebody else's hand. And I think that's really too bad. Give a listen, please.
Episode 622Oct 21, 2018Young Guys Lurk
My Lady and I walked into the Applebees Grill & Bar the other day. Sitting right by the door, was a young guy nursing a bottle. When he saw my Lady, he tossed the bottle on the floor and reached for my Lady. This podcast explains what happened next.
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