Wonder Wench Writes (with a little help from her friend.)

Let me explain: There is a turkey out in the back yard pleading for his life. But he’s saying the wrong thing. “Gobble, Gobble” is exactly what I intend to do. Happy Thanksgiving to all those of you who are not turkeys. Just in time for the holiday, my Lady Wonder Wench has come down with a forty pound bug of some kind. That’s why she wrote this:

There are times when this Louie Louie Lass knows very well that Big Louie, his own bad self is just waiting for her (me) to tear apart the latest podcast  offered for the edification (there, now I’ve got the big word out of my system) of all you other Louie Louie wonders. Sorry, not gonna happen this time. 

THIS Louie Louie Lass is going to take her cold and whatever else is available to the room where that white hat is waiting – and maybe the Story Man will really have a story to tell … 

… pardon me while I sneeze …

2 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes (with a little help from her friend.)”

  1. Dick Butler says:

    I used to be a Doctor(in my own mind) double shot of your best adult beverage 2 asprins heavy quilt and world GO AWAY. Then enjoy his stories.

  2. Betsy says:

    What a time for a 40 pound bug. Feel better soon WW.