Wonder Wench Writes

Ed. Note – The current podcast ( www.dicksummer.com/podcast ) includes a new version of a very old story called, “The Sky Sultan.”

Of course I know things about the Lad that no one else does (!) … and I know that the original of Sky Sultan was sadder and more poignant (since it was about me, I guess I can say that) … than the new one which I am assuming at least some of you heard.  The newer SS is bolder and stronger … but I like the original much better.

Does that make me old?…

Another Ed Note – No. That makes me very lucky that after all these years, she is still my Lady Wonder Wench.

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Don says:

    Lady Wonder Wench,
    No dear lady Like my wife her Kittenness, all women are like fine wine, you don’t get older you all get better, and more able to give us either a Gibbs slap up side the back of our heads when we need it or deserve it and hugs when we need them the most. No good lady you’re getting better.